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Week of Marvels 06/09/2014

First of all, I know she’s highly unlikely to ever read MahMuseComics, but on behalf of the site congratulations to Scarlett (Black Widow) Johansson and her fiance on the birth of their daughter Rose Dorothy!

Moving on, there’s been turmoil in the Marvel Universe – it’s been a big week!

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Dark Phoenix

Is Jean Grey the Phoenix?

Are Jean Grey and the Phoenix one and the same?

Christina raised an interesting point a couple of days ago; if Jean Grey and the Phoenix are one, then what does that say about Jean’s state of mind?  Her article, while controversially titled, is actually really interesting reading.  Except… I think she misses the point.  Not that I’m any better, because I think I’ve only just got the point myself!

I’ve just reread the Grant Morrison era of X-Men comics.  Now, it has to be said, I’m not a fan; the guy’s writing just sits uncomfortably with me.  But in reality, what Morrison did to Jean sits at the heart of this whole discussion.  And as I thought about this, I actually came to a position where I had a bit of a change of mind… Continue reading

Xavier's secrets

The X-Men’s greatest secrets

The secret is coming!  In the pages of Uncanny X-Men, Brian Bendis is enjoying teasing us with a tremendous secret that is going to redefine the X-Men.  He thinks it’s the biggest secret of X-history; in response, I figure it’s time to count out what I feel are the top five X-secrets!

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