The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier

She HulkAfter all the excitement from the last Uncanny arc and the All New X-men’s recent skirmish with Kid Xavier, we now have a calm before the storm issue. This is the much anticipated Last Will and Testament arc that Brian Michael Bendis has promised will change the X-landscape forever. This is a promise that has been often thrown around, but nothing Bendis has done so far suggests hyperbole, and with the tantalizing promise of Xavier’s last word on things, this was too much not to miss.  Click Below for the review

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Operation: Zero Tolerance

X-Men066Back in 1997 some exciting things were happening in the X-Men world. Bastion was making himself known and had released Prime Sentinels into the world. The Prime Sentinels looked like normal people who acted like unknowing sleeper agents. At the right moment they would activate and all hell would break loose. The Uncanny X-Men were off fighting the Phalanx in Shiar space and in issue 65 of X-Men, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Cannonball are all neutralized and captured by Bastion. With all our main characters, save Iceman, either in deep space or in the hands of the enemy, who was left to save the day, especially as Bastion now had access to the mansion and Xavier’s Protocols? Continue reading

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