X-Men Rogue’s Gallery: Mr. Sinister

With a name like Mr. Sinister (I tend to refer to him simply as Sinister), it can be pretty hard to take Nathaniel Essex seriously.  That would be a big mistake!

Chris Claremont intended Sinister to be the psychic projection of a mutant child who could never age.  Yeah, Claremont had some really wacky ideas.  But this particular idea was picked up by later writers and turned into something remarkable in my view – into one of the greatest X-villains, a character who’s crucial to the history of the mutant race… Continue reading

Keep it Sinister

Week of Marvels 27/09/2014

This week in Marvel: looks like Marvel aren’t going to the Supreme Court after all; Jeremy Renner hints at the future of Hawkeye; Marvel reveal Florida’s redesigned super-hero; and we learn a lot about X-Men: Days of Future Past!  Plus: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns in style!

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Spidey-Subs: Is Spider-Man wrong for the X-men?

By now you have probably heard that Spider- Man will be taking a little direction from the soon to be deceased Wolverine and will take over as Counsellor/substitute teacher at the Jean Grey School. Does this sound odd to you? Even in the solicitations, they ask

“What’s a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fuelled the formation of his special student class?”

They also asked, in words to a similar effect, “who the hell demanded a Sauron/Stegron team-up?” Wait that was me, but I digress. We here at Mah Muse feel like this inclusion of Spider-man into the X-men’s world is kinda left field despite having somewhat of a history with certain members. Our own Tom even stated, “Marvel is replacing one super-hero who turns up everywhere… with another super-hero who turns up everywhere!”

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Dealing With Xavier’s Original Sin

I think I’m over not learning more about Xavier’s will for now. With this weeks December solicitations showing that we are going to have to wait till then til we find out what’s in the rest of the will, that gives me a time frame, and I’m not waiting with bated breath each month for another tidbit.

That said let’s get straight to the meat of this issue, and boy was it meaty. Lot’s of good stuff. Click below the break for the Pro/Con bullets.

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Cyclops as Woman

Cyclops: Love Triangles in Comics

It’s a common claim that comics are, shall we say, not particularly wholesome in their treatment of women.  On the one hand, comics turn female heroes into sex bombs, dressed in skin tight costumes that leave little to the imagination.  On the other hand, they turn women into little more than love interests for the men.  But are these criticisms always fair?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to intermittently look at Cyclops – arguably the X-Men’s greatest leader.  I’m going to examine how different things play out in his life, and see how much criticism we can make of comics and their treatment of women.  I’m even going to turn his world upside-down, and ask how effective his plots would’ve been had he been a woman…

But first, today I want to examine one thing that’s cropped up in Cyclops’ life time and again: the love triangle.

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Rogue’s Gallery: Juggernaut

The story of the Juggernaut truly begins aeons ago, with the mystical being known as Cyttorak.  As the human race first came to be, Cyttorak was worshipped as a god; however, Cyttorak – along with several other similarly powerful beings – was banished from Earth.  For Cyttorak, he watched from a distant realm known as the Crimson Cosmos.  In modern comics, Magik has called Cyttorak a Hell Lord, one with absolute control over his realm.

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What’s In Xavier’s Last Will and Testament?


Brian? Can I call you Brian? I feel that over the last year or so I’ve really gotten to know you through your writing, but just one thing. What’s in the damn Will, other than Xavier married Mystique, that is soooo incendiary? See Brian, I just feel that everything in this issue was not that big of a deal. I’ll explain below, with some spoilers….and some pros and cons.

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