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A Week of Marvels: 05/04/2014

Let’s face it, the biggest news this week has been the launch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the UK, and I’ll be including my review in this week’s movies section!  Marvel have understandably been focused around Cap this week, but there have also been a few new developments in the X-Men universe…

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Victim Allegory

I wrote about Penny Dreadful last time. I’m still thinking of her. She’s a great character that may be an intimidating one to write (I’m assuming that’s one of the reasons Masseurs Seifert and Ketner haven’t been working on any new issues). In comic books and graphic novels, those who are interested in the representation of women in the genre know how these characters are either extremely vulnerable or extremely armored (figuratively speaking); they’re either the victim or the harpy. Not often are female characters as complex as real-life women. I think Penny– elder-god possessed Penny– gets very close to the idea, though.

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