What to Expect from Daredevil Season 2!

In only a day’s time, Netflix will unleash their third serving of Marvel drama –Daredevil Season 2! Fans of the Man Without Fear couldn’t be more excited, but what can we expect?

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 2

Last month I talked about how Deadpool was and is mishandled when it comes to queer representation. This month, I’m going to talk about why his creators and writers, ultimately, don’t matter. Meaning, I’m going to take a long time to explain my title.

Happy Birthday, Buffy!

As incredible as it may seem, the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was aired nineteen years ago today!  Running through seven seasons, the series established creator Joss Whedon as one of the most prominent and gifted writers of modern film and TV.  But what made Buffy work so well?

ANWW Podcast: Round up of Episodes

A Lot has happened over the last few months with the All New Wednesday Warriors so here’s a round up of episodes. Just Click the images for the links to the episodes. There’s something below for all comics tastes. EPISODE 07 – COMICS SECURITY BLANKET It’s an All-New Comics Grab Bag from the All-New Wednesday…

Superheroes Breakdown 04/06/2016

With Marvel’s “Civil War II” finally kicking off, and X-Men: Apocalypse in cinemas now, this is an exciting week for superhero fans!

Superheroes Breakdown 28/05/2016

For quite some time, I’ve been publishing “Week of Marvels” – your breakdown on the latest MCU news!  Now, though, I’m taking this to the next level with what I’m calling “Superheroes Breakdown” – your weekly dose of news on DC, Marvel, and other highlights!

X-Men Apocalypse: Review (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS)

When Fox launched the X-Men franchise back in 2000, Bryan Singer’s belief was that superhero films needed to be ‘grounded’ – as realistic as possible, firmly embedded in the real world, and with the campier elements of comic books dropped.  The first film even lampshaded that with a joke about spandex costumes.

Kurtis Wiebe Update

Kurtis Wiebe is co-creator of the Rat Queens, which has had a sporadic history in regards to its artists, but has maintained a loyal and tenacious fan-base.

Captain America: Civil War Review

Before you read any further, I should point out that I live in the UK and that Captain America: Civil War has been released here. Out of respect for fans worldwide – not least in the United States – this review will be fairly spoiler-light; where I discuss key twists, I’ll be as unspecific as…

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 3

Last month, after I posted my second part of “Deadpool and the Author is Dead”, I decided I need to bridge the gap in my knowledge and see the movie. I’ve read the comics and I already loved him and I’ve loved Ryan Reynolds since the beginning. Anyway, I was nervous about seeing the movie. Despite…

FAF: Netflix and Sketch

I have to apologize, We didn’t get many submissions and I didn’t keep to my schedule, but we did get good submissions First up we have Silas Lilly with a particularly brooding Jessica Jones. Have to say, I can’t wait for a Jessica Jones Season 2. Next up is Joe Rawlings who submitted not one but four…