Meet the Alterrans: Part 1

I did this series of pictures for all those people who ordered a copy of my book Alterran Tales. It was fun (although a bit stressful trying to get likenesses of all the people who requested the free book), but I really enjoyed creating and learning about these new characters. I thought it would be fun to revisit some of them in the future and delve a bit into their lives, or unlives, and see where they beckon me.

However, for the purposes of today, I thought I’d put them all up here. I’ll put up two every day. Today’s Alterrans: Amber and Amanda

Unlike the dirty lower-classed undead Moccasins that steal the bodies of other creatures as hosts, Amber wants something a bit more refined and classy. She wants their skins. It’s just her luck she can fit into any skin she steals. Paying mercenaries to bring her victims of all types, shapes, styles, races and species, Amber makes them a part of her shows. Shows she puts on for her mercenaries. Why? Cause she’s a model don’tcha know.

Amanda was bitten…by a dog of all creatures. A were-dog. Not even a were-wolf or a were-dinosaur for that matter. That would have been cool. But, in life you have to make do with what you’re given and living on the tropical island of Mahu-Manitou she has all the time to make her cuddly woolen wolf-pets, stretch, rollover and even play dead. The latter is the only way she can lure in those annoying were-cats who think they own the island.

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