Meet the Alterrans: Part 2

So today we have two more creepy women: Laine Samud and Gehenna-Kin Errin.

Hailing from Felicity, Laine Samud makes her home in the Greek sector and is the loving mentor to many of the mythicahns. She is part Lion, Goat and Snake. She desires only that her minions are happy and will need a weekly tithe of Mediterranean babies under the age of 2 to ensure that happiness.

Errin is of Gehenna kin. The race that birth Mako’s from their amniotic backs, one shark/hammerhead/mako at a time the Gehenna Kin will rule Alterra while their queen will birth more Gehenna Kin. But Errin is not happy with this arrangement. She has realized that she can birth Gehenna Kin herself when only a queen should be able to. With her newly birthed Kin, Errin will kill the current Queen and will rule in her stead. That is if the current queen doesn’t try to erase her first. Game on.

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