Meet the Alterrans: Guile Ma and Purulent Heath’ah

Purulent Heath’ah has some big, blood-filled shoes to fill. Her father, The Purulent Trig is the ruler of the desert realm of Wyghaba, home to the lower undead residents of Alterra. That makes Purulent Heath’ah a princess. And, what a princess wants, a princess gets, and what this zombie princess wants is brains, lungs and intestines. She has a rep’ to protect and her signature axe, nicknamed Hun’Gree, given her by her devoted father, will ensure she does it in style.

One of the oldest families of higher undead in New Bastille are the Ma’s. The Ma’s are Wights, able to suck the life force/energy from the faces of their victims. Guile Ma is of their rising generation and their most ruthless warriors. In the old days the Wights ruled New Bastille until Dorothea Magdalene overthrew them on a technicality. Guile waits for a new revolution when she will lead her family to greatness and personally suck the life from every last born Vampire.

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