Meet the Alterrans: Sej Yelims and Karin

The only way goblins can walk around in the human world without being noticed is if they tape up their ugly features with scotch tape, making their lusciously disgusting features morbidly normal and human. But, after a day of naughtiness and murder in the human world, goblins Sej and Ellekim like nothing more than to get home to their children. However, they have to take the tape off first. They wouldn’t want to scare the dears.

There is no other mother, apart from her majesty Dorothea Magdalene of course, that is more devoted to her children. Karin wants nothing more than to have a child become “Sang D’Elite,” the special powered children of the Magdalenes. After 200 years it finally seems that one of her brood, Maya-Sayre, will receive “Le Cadeau de Sang,” and Karin will be invited to take a seat in the palace throne room. And darling, you knew this would happen one of these centuries.

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