Wolverine Is Only As Cool As…

So I hadn’t been to the comic shop for a few months. You’re thinking, “how could you go so long without checking out your beloved X-Men?” I was testing something out. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies sometimes. Actually often. When I get it in my head I want something or need to find out something or experience something, the thought doesn’t go away easily. The X-Men are one of those areas in my life that dash my hopes of acting normally where resisting compulsion is concerned. I think I’ve already shared too much information there so I’ll get to my point.

Normally when I go to get my comics I won’t be able to drive away without skimming the comic first. Then,  when I get home it will get a quick reading as soon as is humanly possible with a wife and two children. This is normally a very quick process and I will be left clamouring for more. (I’m also a story/plot whore. I just need my next fix as soon as I can)

So I decided I would try and leave getting my comics for a few months and then really spend some quality time with several issues of the titles I buy. To cut the story a bit shorter, this didn’t really work as I still skimmed and ripped through the books and I’m still left with the same desire for more. Anyway, buying a pile (and believe me it was a considerable pile) of comics all in one go at the beginning of this week I realized how much I was spending. I almost died as I gingerly handed over my credit card.

And finally getting to my point: with all this in mind I am now tempted with adding another book to my pull list; Wolverine and the X-Men of which you can follow that little link and get some more insights on the book. I really am not a fan of Wolverine but as with all the greatest Wolverine stories he always has a great sidekick or little group to make him tolerable, whether it be Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Psylocke, Angel(of the fly persuasion) and Armor. Let it be said now, Wolverine is only as cool as whoever he’s partnered or teamed with. So this is why I am excited cos there are some of my fave characters in this book and then some mysteries.

Cue Graphic:

Let’s look at the roster shall we? But let’s do it in three pieces

1. Wolverine, Shadowcat, Iceman, Beast, Idie (the cause of the Schism) All featured in the above graphic.

2. Some Nightcrawlerish looking demons. (not sure what this is about. They seem to be on the 2nd and 3rd covers also) A little Brood looking guy. I’m thinking of Astonishing here. the Berserker lookylikey next to Iceman, and, a blonde female. Could this be Dazzler which would be cool. Could it be Husk which would be as cool, or is it a new character? Anyway they also appear in the above graphic.

3. People supposedly on the team but not in the above graphic. Kid Omega and Toad. Let’s just say I’m excited for Kid Omega and ignore Toad.

So all these things have me excited to read a new X title. This set-up actually has me more interested than Uncanny X-Men #1 and X-Men Legacy.

So what do we learn. This new book is full of exciting possibilities that have my imagination running riot. Love most of the cast. I’m hoping the blonde is Husk and I’ve said it once before,”Wolverine is only as cool as whoever he’s partnered or teamed with.”

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