Meet the Alterrans: Lindsey Bosanquet, Leslie and Meggie


Lindsey Bosanquet is a bloodletter. By cutting her own arms or skin open she can wield an almighty fury on those that would seek to control her, namely the Lamia and vampires. They would love an endless supply of blood wrapped up in a pretty package such as Bosanquet but What they do not know is that with one bite they will be her victims and she will forcibly remove her own blood through willpower alone and reduce them all to ashes.


Leslie of the fairies thinks that fairies are really not as bad as the movies will have you believe. They like to do normal happy things like cook and clean and organize. They have systems. Organize the humans into categories, check. See which ones will die if you eat their appendixes, check. Meticulously clean out their innards, check. Cook and prepare the innards, intestines, livers, appendixes, and lungs, check. Have yourself a bloody awesome party, check. See not as bad as those pansy fairies in the movies.

Meggie and her mate, Ben, are were-leopards and have lived on the isle of Mahu Manitou for centuries. They have seen regimes rise and fall. They have seen styles, fads and ways of life come and go. They attribute their longevity to a healthy diet of all things mother earth provides. For were-creatures this is weird. They do not eat cows, chickens, pigs, goats or any other animals found on the island. You never know who you might be eating. They do of course make one exception; humans.

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