Fringe Season 4 Part 1

Let it be said, I am so happy that Fringe is back. I missed the adventures of Walter, Peter and Olivia and even their Alternates in the other universe. Here are some points that I have liked from the past two episode.

  • Lincoln Lee. He is such a great character and I’m fascinated with both of his counterparts and the differences in the way they are portrayed.
  • I love the way all the counterparts are played in interesting, subtle and entertaining ways.
  • It was a fun nod to Charlies character that we find out he is now married to the bug woman. With Acevedo now occupying Prime Suspect with Maria Bello I wonder how much he will be featured in this season. Hopefully he will be able to continue with both shows.
  • These new cyborg creatures. They are pretty creepy and they take on an appearance very similar to that of John Scott back in the first episode. Coincidence?
  • The concept that small (or big) differences of choice can result in a different future and how we get to visually see that through the shows storytelling.  I loved the second episode story of the one choice that changed a boys path from serial killer to professor of forensic science.
  • I’m loving that the two Fringe teams can work together (whether they like it or not).
  • How is Alter-Broyles alive? Does this mean that other people could be alive? Could that whole team of Mutants from the second season finale episodes be alive or is it just people from the Alter-universe that can return?
  • Does Olivia still have her powers? This wasn’t addressed.
  • Massive Dynamic? No mention of them in the last two episodes. We also don’t know if Walter still owns the company.
  • When will Peter make an actual appearance? I’m not saying I want him back immediately but I am missing the interaction between he and Olivia. I know there has to be conflicts in getting the two together but we’ve had a lot of that and the couple only just got together. I was enjoying the union of the two and now with Peter out of the picture and a newly arrived agent Lee, there may be the possibility that another romantic liaison could separate our star(time and space)-crossed lovers. Where’s the Doctor when you need him?
Needless to say I’m excited for next weeks episode.
There is an update to this post here.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Oooo I love Fringe too! I haven’t seen the new series yet as James hadn’t seen any of it so we’ve started watching it from series one (yeah, slow to the party!). Look forward to catching it up all at once over a few evenings!


    1. loz says:

      Catch up quick. That’s actually what Amy and I did this year. Amy had watched the first 5 episodes and then we both started again while season 3 was running and had caught up with everything for the last few episodes of Season 3. We love it. Fringe, Alphas, Glee and Leverage are our must sees. Thank goodness they are all on different schedules.


  2. First time here. Nice blog and great post. Well done.


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