Meet the Alterrans: C.C, Mikelle and Nate Hahhhhg

C.C is a rare breed. She is part human mutant with the power to control and draw ice from solid matter, and part Rancorian. She is a rebel Rancorian on the run from the Dark Lord Anathema. She knows she is doomed to be Rancorian for the rest of her days but will hold on to as much humanity as she can in remembrance of her fallen sister to the Evil Rancorian, Ibex.

Mikelle would love to get out of Alterra. She’s fed up of the drama in Dallow County. It’s just another demon bid for power after another and everything ends in violence and mounds of bodies. Of course, there is one reason why Mikelle cannot leave. It is the same reason why she will always stay. The mutant tapeworm that lives in her hollow body would make a life in the human world impossible, and, the worm loves violence and mounds of bodies.


Some houses in Dragon City share the same interdimensional space as houses in the human world. Fortunately for Nate Hahhhhg, his Dragon City Butchery and Sandwich shack shares the same interdimensional space as the Provo mental institution. By going through a specific door, Nate can walk the halls of both. By swapping his chefs cap and apron for an orderly’s smock, Nate can make sure his mental patient specialty sandwich is never in short supply. Dragon City’s most infamous butcher has all he needs.



Only a few more.



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  1. Naomi says:

    Ah, there I am!


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