Meet the Alterrans: Rob, Blythe and Briery Traces

Rob and Blythe are the scariest most horrifying Bitzens in Alterra. Bitzens are tricky creatures, you never know if they are going to appear in your bedroom closet at three in the morning. Even more tricky because you never know if they’ll appear in their half human form or skeleton form. But as scary and horrifying as these creatures are they still have a sense of humour. At least Blythe thinks so when given a permanent marker. The only thing less scary and horrifying than a Bitzen, is a bitzen who’s had funny eyebrows drawn on their skull while they were sleeping.


While every culture’s views and stories of Ogres differ, one thing is always the same. Ogres love human flesh. Briery Traces is the most entertaining and loved food enthusiast/connoisseur when it comes to human flesh. She will grind your bones. She will make her bread. She might add a bit of nutmeg or cloves. Briery also wants to clear up some of the gossip. Yes, she did eat their legs…and she did add basil.




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