Meet Your Alterran Self


Have you met your Alterran Double? Doppelganger? Changeling?

Alterran Tales was my Capstone project in book form. It features five different horror archetypes: The Vampire, The Demon/serial killer, Ghost, Were-creature, and Monster. As a gift to those who ordered the book I drew personalized portraits/cartoons of each individual as their Alterran self. The product of which has been the subject of several of the last posts on this blog.

I’ve missed having that world in my head for the past few months, so I’m opening it up again for anyone else to appease the muses. I will illustrate/create your Alterran self and come up with the back story or mini saga for them/you.

All you have to do is:

1) Subscribe to hoomahmoos.

2) Send me a picture of yourself or direct me to one you like on your facebook account or somewhere else. This is for image reference.

3) Tell me what creature, monster, or demon you’d like to be. It could be anything. Alterra is divided into several locations, all acting as home to a different type /kind of creature. Just tell me where you would want to live. Below are some little tidbits to help you figure it out.   You can also tell me to pick one at random for you, just to see what fate has in store!

1. At the centre of Alterra lies Dragon City, ruled over by the mysterious Harksen. Dragon City is home to monsters. All types of creatures have their own rules and agendas, but pay respect to Harksen. In fact, all of Alterra pay respect to Harksen—lest he destroy their cities and give the land to another ruler. Harksen rules over the whole of Alterra but noone has seen him for centuries.

2. Dorothea Magdalene is a Lamia Queen, (a born vampire) and rules over the higher Undead in New Bastille City. She and her Sang D’ Elite children take care of the Lamia, Vampires, Wights and a few other higher blood-related creatures and species.

3. The Bitch Twin Sisters Palamar and Reeyan rule over the mutant and mutated denizens of Lockewood City. From their twin tower cathedrals named the Inklings and the Primary, they use death squads to serve, train and punish all their students and inhabitants.

4. Karla Enfante is next and lives on the oceans of Alterra on the Island of Mahu Manitou. She is a Were-queen who can transform into a giant Komodo dragon. She rules over the were-creatures of Alterra in relative peace.

5. Felicity is the name of the lands where the sun shines brightly by day and then silver moonlight by night. A magical place home to a race of creatures named Mythicahns. They are made up of the creatures written about in fantasy prose and speculative writers of the human world. For instance, it is not unheard of to find a unicorn or—heaven forbid—an Elf, although not quite in the same way the human world views them. The ruler of Felicity is still shrouded in mystery.

6. The ruler of Aokigahara is another mystery. The forests of Aokigahara in the south is rumored to spread on for space and time and may be celestially linked to some other realms. It is the realm of the spirits, ghosts and other ethereal beings. No being can enter Aokigahara without having died or without magic of a specific kind.

7. Dallow County houses the Demon population. There is a hazy line between what is considered Demon and what is Monster, so there are usually cliques, groups and multiple species that live in Dallow. Luke and Loretta are part of the Grenn species and the Grenns reside here. For the first time in centuries there are Grenn Rulers here. This is unheard of as Grenns are the white trash species looked down on by all of Alterra. It is speculated that this is something the Grenns wish to change.  That’s still anybody’s guess.

8. Wyghaba is the name of the deserts that cover the eastern lands. It is ruled over by the Purulent Trig. A king of the lower-Undead he lives underground away from the harsh lands above. Master less, Zombies, ghouls, and other lesser undead roam freely here.

9. The Last Expanse. This last area of land surrounds Alterra. No one knows how far it spreads as anyone who has gone there has ever come back. It is supposedly the realm of those creatures that defy description and concept. It is the place where Vampires and Lamia are sentenced to die honorably.

So if you are already subscribed, that’s brilliant and I thank you. What you could do is get someone else to subscribe and I will do the portrait for you and them As many subscriptions as I get, that’s how many portraits I’ll do! You could get them as gifts for others like freaky birthday or Christmas presents, or just because. Well, thank you for your time and see ya around.

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  1. Ooooh. Draw me. I’ll tell Jill to post to. Maybe you could draw us together.


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