Fringe Season 4: Part 2

Cool Fringe imagesSo what are we to think of the last few episodes of Fringe?

I’ve read a lot of what TV critics have been saying, especially Ryan and Ryan from the podcast of the same name. They seem to believe that the show is on the start of its downward spiral. I disagree and I’ll explain why in a moment but here are some of the things that I have loved about the last few episodes.

  • The new shapeshifters. They were already such a formidable opponent and now it seems that don’t have any need for the mouth apparatus that allowed the switch. Shudder, that always made me wince even though their victims were dead. Last weeks episode made them even scarier and now there is no way to really tell them apart. Another thought is that when they look all transparent, they look very similar to John Scott after his being caught in the explosion of the secret lab in the pilot. Coincidence. Wow that seems like a long time ago.
  • Peter‘s back. Now I like Lincoln, I think I prefer his alter, but I still like our lincoln lee. But, he’s not a good replacement for Peter.
  • Back to Shapeshifters. I love the antique typewriter communique. Made even cooler by the knowledge that we’re going to have more Shapeshifters coming our way.
  • I really liked the time bubble in the house. I thought it was a really interesting dilemma. To what lengths do you go to bring back the ones you love and what happens when those people don’t want you to go to those lengths for them? I’m really interested in this concept where Peter is concerned. Which leads to the next point.
  • Is this the Fringe universe we know despite its being connected with an alter-universe that seems familiar to us. The shows credits would seem to support this. Weren’t the credits a different colour (red) as opposed to the grey colour when the show is set in our Fringe universe? Now we have Amber coloured credits the might suggest its not just in lieu of a new season but a new universe. This is exciting, which makes me wonder where are these Shapeshifters coming from?
  • Interesting note: Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont who play the unfortunate couple in last weeks episode, are married in real life. You learn something new every day. Unfortunately I can’t help but see the odd Milton Waddams every time I see Root.

So big things are coming in tomorrows episode. Episode 7 “Wallflower” is supposed to be a game changer and Fringe never hold back from those moments. It’s going to be exciting.  Also, I read that another pair of alters will meet in a future episode. It’s not going to be Astrid, as it was an interview with Jasika Nicole. So that means a meeting between the Broyles’es or the Lees, um you get the picture.

So here are a couple of things I’d love to see happen or people I want to see appear.

  • Nina’s Alternate
  • The shapeshifters. Maybe they are from our universe sent there by Walter to retrieve Peter. Who knows? I know that’s stretching it.
  • Fringes X-Team: Nick Lane, Sally Clarke and James Heath. Since none of them would be dead in this timeline it would be cool to see them. Maybe Headed up by Rebecca Kibner. That would cool.

So I said above that I don’t think Fringe is going downhill. Here’s why. Great writing that keeps me rapt until the next week. In my eyes there has been no change in the quality of the writing from last last season to this. The writers are doing a fantastic job of stretching my mind with the possibilities of what could ,might and is happen/ing.  All the characters are so engaging. I love them all. Olivia, Peter, Walter (who my wife has an old man crush on) Astrid, Lincoln and their alters have me engaged every week without fail. This is episodic tv at its best.

Well, what do you think? Excited for tomorrow’s episode?

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