Hoo Mah Moo’ses Right Now

Ello all. So the last month has been busy but not if that makes sense. I’ve been really focussed on my writing at the moment at the neglect of other passions and things I really need to finish. Which I need to apologize to some people for. So without further ado, here are some of my muses this past week.

Click here to go to the Close Call Comics homepage
  •  Close Call Comics. These guys are great. Unfortunately, English/Communication major aside, I have been terrible in regards to things I need to finish. No excuse but these talented folk continue to live their passions and publish cool stuff. Just click on the image of Kowal and Uber above to check out the site. Quality work every week.
  • The Walking Dead. I’ve actually been enjoying the show and the comic respectively for different reasons, but one thing has me excited for the next arc of the comic. The image below is an example. In the last issue of The Walking Dead. Rick actually explains how I was feeling about their experiences. They are a tight-knit group who are particularly hardened and have survived. They are survivors (despite the regular deaths of those around them). However, they’ve lost the fear. Unless faced with a horde of thousands of Zombies, the zombies just don’t really pose too much of a threat any more. This book needs to go back to basics and make the main cast feel the fear again and this promo shot looks like it will do just that. I’m so excited to see what this means. Zombie narrative with an infusion of the slasher narrative? This could be cool.
  • X-Men V.S. Avengers. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m pro-X-Men all the way. I’ll post more on this later. But for now there was a cool preview over at CBR . Check it out HERE.
  • Kevin Wada’s art. Saw it today and I’m an instant fan. He is pretty fantastic and I feel I want to steal his talent and apply it to my own creating an all-encompassing hybrid of fantastic, which is of course what it would be. Just in case you were wondering what his stuff is like check out the two BRILL images below and then click on the link to his page. NOW, do it now. Right click the link and say open in new TAB (cos you wanna keep this one open right here). Now! kevinwadaart

  • Also, http://www.thisiscolossal.com/ is a great site. I’ve been so inspired by other people’s creativity. You may need to watch your clock. Minutes spent on this site turn into hours.

Anyway, I hope you check out these sites. They have been lingering in my muses mind and will not leave. So much so, that I have been writing my own stuff almost every day for the last month and a half and I’ve loved every minute of it. Have a nice day.

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