End of Summer Hoo Mah Moos

Does this image not fill you with excitement for the final season of Fringe coming to our screens this fall? That’s all that needs be said about Fringe. Of course there are expectations and questions but for now I can just revel in the knowledge that one of my fave shows is going to get the closure it needs to complete its entertaining run. Continue to post for more of Mah Moos’es at the mo.

So this next item I saw a few weeks ago and fell in love. Short movies that make you smile with happiness don’t come along often. Just watch it.  What would happen if you walked into a video rental store that belonged to a parallel universe where the films you always wished exist, actually do? You’d fall in love?

Impossible Dreams

I think I’d actually watch A Post-op Nicholas Cage in Miss Congeniality.

Next: Something that I wish wasn’t just a one-off image online. Behold the wonder that is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, 90s edition. Dana Sculley, Nancy Downs, Rufus, Edward Scissor hands and a sociopath Zach Morris on the same team. I’m there.



Want something to get your mind’s teeth into? Try Get out from under it.

The last few Posts have really engaged me and I just have connected on a really cerebral level. Smart stuff written by a guy who I can’t understand why he hasn’t published America’s next great novel. Am I sounding a bit too creepy now? Perhaps it’s jealousy? Or prehaps I’m just a genuine fan.

Go to We are Luck We are Fate and check out the last few posts and maybe a load more.


Last of my moos’es today: Jess Smart Smiley, Another Talent I might be jealous of. He’s got a book coming out and also a web comic series too. Check out his site and maybe get yourself that commissioned comic/illustration you know you’ve been wanting for a while.



Totally inspired to create stuff and really get down to creating my own mark on the world. 

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