Hoo Mah Moosic

So the last couple of weeks I’ve found a few bands that I really like. This is not an unusual thing, I like a lot of bands BUT, I think the new era of downloadable music has spoiled me. If I like a band, I don’t usually like every song on an album. There may be only a small handful of artists and groups that I like every single song on an album.

Talking with my Bruv-in-Law this weekend opened my eyes to the concept of buying a whole album and listening through the whole thing and enjoying it the way the artist intended.

While this is a nice concept, as I stated before, there’s a small handful of artists where this is possible. So, to cut a long story short, I discovered four bands that almost make that handful, but in my spoiled world of being able to pick and choose my songs from any given album, this is as close as it gets. See my picks below.


I love pop. I think England has a better breed of pop than anywhere else in the world. I mean yeah you’ve got your boy bands and your girl bands but you’ve also got intelligent adult pop and also pop for all ages pop. I think Noisettes are a breed of the latter. they have some really catchy poppy tunes but then the album pokes around in some other places that you might not expect. They are no Nerina Pallot (no one but Nerina can be Nerina) but this is the first pop album I have liked 90% of. They have become the latest band to earn their own playlist on my spotify account.

Album: Contact

Recommended songs: Winner, Final Call, Free, Ragtop Car, and, I want you back.

Kill It Kid

I can’t remember where I first saw this group. I think maybe my sister Mel posted a video on FB and I instantly latched on. They’re classed as Alternative on iTunes and they have this dirty, raw, southern-American Alt-Rock sound that I haven’t heard before. Just a few seconds into Pray on me and I’m all ears. Imagine my surprise when I learn they are from Bath, England. Yes, BATH, ENGLAND. Give me more I thought, and the album delivered more to my ears.

Album:    Feet Fall Heavy

Recommended Songs:  Pray on me, Run, Sweetness has a hold, Wild and wasted waters, and Heart rested with you.

Of Monsters and Men

This was a Guardian Music Spotify find. And supposedly these guys are not new on the scene (well neither are Noisettes. Contact is their 3rd album). Several friends have been listening to these guys but then I don’t find new music through the radio. I don’t listen to radio. I mean really, why listen to radio if you can pick and choose your own music to sing along to in the car? (ahhhhh admonition of over-the-top singing in the car) Anyway, I love these guys and I love their blend of  female and male vocals really appeals to me, just like Kill It Kid (who also have shared vocals).  I guess they’re classed as a folkys alternative brit pop? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Album: My Head Is An Animal

Recommended Songs: Six Weeks, Love Love Love, Little Talks, and, Mountain Sound.


Imagine Dragons

I think theses guys are local to Utah. An old supervisor Mandy at UVU testing center first alerted me to them, but apart from the E.P I hadn’t heard much from them until a week ago. Yes, I am kind of in love with this album. Yeah it has some weak entries but They have really endeared me to their sound through the gateway drug that is On Top Of The World. Just go listen.

Album: Night Visions

Recommended Songs: On Top Of the World, Amsterdam, Radioactive, and, Demons.

And there you have it. I don’t usually do posts like this  but if you want to check out my current playlist that features some of these songs and other’s I’m enjoying, check out my Spotify profile, under Loz Cook.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nae says:

    …I should actually probably write on here rather than facebook! I thoroughly enjoy all of these artists too. Of Monsters and Men are from Iceland, and yes, Imagine Dragons were formed in Provo.


  2. loz says:

    I thought so, cos I think they are actually my old supervisors cousins.


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