Attention Bloggers: Blickenstaffs

So these words on the leaflet I picked up in Blickenstaffs a few months ago caught my eye. I stuffed the leaflet in my pocket cos, I like free Sweeties and then I went in again last week with Amy to look around and we bought a small pack of sweets and a small Paint set for Riley and wandered around the store. There’s always one part of the store I always check and it was this part of the store that I wanted to visit this last week. I wanted English Chocolate. The first time I came into Blickenstaffs and I saw that Red Phonebox stacked with some of my fave cadbury’s I knew that I would be returning again and again.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. This is not a bad thing.  I hadn’t had a Lion bar in a long time and Chomps. Wow. If I had a never ending, steady stream of these little bugger just open and waiting for my fingers any time I needed them It would be a dream come true.  Anyway They say nothing motivates like a free pound of bulk candy and as Violet said, “If it gum, then it’s for me.” That’s how I feel.

Why you should visit Blickenstaffs:

  • English Chocolate
  • It’s like an retro childrens toy store with all those cool gadgets and knick-knacks and playing things that you just want to pick up and try.
  • A nice selection of toys.
  • A nice selection of candy/Sweeties
  • Really friendlay staff who enjoy a childish sense of fun.
  • It’s a happy place. You have to be a scrooge, or actualy stone broke not to enjoy this place.

If you want to see more click HERE to be taken to their website. Enjoy. And if you’re a blogger, blog about it and get some free candy.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Naomi says:

    I’m so glad you get your fix of sweets! Love that it’s served in a phone box too.


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