Marvel (I Want) Now!

So I’ve been collecting only three comics recently. Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men Legacy and The walking dead. But with the Marvel Announcements, I’m excited and sad that I don’t have the money for all these comics that I want to read. However Maybe I need to move around some priorities. So Check below for my picks of the New Marvel Now! books.

So I have to admit, the last few issues of X-Men Legacy were not my favourites. With so much going on with AVX, sending Rogue off-world seemed idiotic. Sending her into a solo adventure where nothing of real interest happened, ridiculous. I had made my mind to swap it out for something better. Until, I heard the focus of the new X-Men Legacy would be Legion. Just that one word: Legion. That was enough to change my mind. Can’t wait to read the first issue.

Speaking of simple words being all it takes to convince me of a sell; Remender and Cassiday. I did actually buy this issue and I have to say I loved the art but I may need a bit more convincing on the writing side. Still, a great first issue for Uncanny Avengers.

Okay, I saw the design of this cover and flipped out. Battle Royale is one of my favourite movies. And this is a cross between Marvel and Battle Royale. This is gonna be exciting. Also, we have the promise that someone will actually die in one of Arcade’s Murder worlds. Arcade has long been a joke, even in X-Factor. I want to see him actually accomplish one of his designs. Also I’m dyeing to see how Nico and Chase from the Runaways fare.

When I first read about All New X-Men. I yawned and thought, “Meh, one to miss.” But, the more I see of this book, including the awesome cover above with Stuart Immonen’s art, the more my curiosity is piqued. I’ve always been intrigued by the New mutant process, and with mutants popping up all over the world again (Yay Cyclops really was right all along) I’m back into the mindset of seeing these new characters start showing up. The awesome Wolverine and the X-men will surely be dealing with this too but I want to see more of the fallout from AVX.

Which leads me to todays announcement. Uncanny X-Men with Bachalo on art. UM yes please, and with more of the aforementioned new mutant gathering but for a different X-group.  I have it on good authority that AVX consequences was hit out of the ballpark by Kieron Gillan and I really want to see the team of Emma, Scott and Eric gathering new mutants. I just want it.  And with that I leave you with the cover of issue one, released in February next year.

P.S I love Cyclops new helmet.

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