Now now, Marvel.

week or so ago, I wrote about the new Marvel Now comics I was looking forward to. Since then I have read two issues of half of the selections and I have to say that my final selection has been determined. See below for my selections.

Uncanny X-Men

Picture 4

I was really surprised at how much I liked All New X-Men. As I said in my previous post, I was a bit hesitant at the concept but it has been Bendis’ handling of cyclops’ camp that has won me over. So Bendis, I’m on board for All Ne for the foreseeable future.  Which leads me to my second pick. Because of the aforementioned handling of Cyke’s team I will be wholeheartedly on board for Uncanny next year. Which leaves me only one more spot.


Hmmmn, Uncanny Avengers or Legacy. To be honest I love Legion but I have been less impressed with the lack of cohesiveness with the storytelling and with the art of Legacy.

Also, I want to love Uncanny Avengers so much. I love the art but there’s something not quite there that I can’t put my finger on. With the coming changes in art, I’m not so sure I can stay on board. Maybe I don’t follow either title. I can’t decide. Maybe I’ll finish this current arc on Avengers and then give it some space. Who know’s? But as always, a seeming constant in my life, it seems I’ll be following Wolverine and the X-men and Cyke’s camp for the foreseeable future.

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