Young Avengers and Moosic


Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Why are these names familiar? Phonogram. Phonogram and every delicious little issue in its run is amazing.  I think I’ve written about it before. Surely, but if not here’s the long story reduced: I read Phonogram: The Singles Club #1 and I felt like no one had ever felt the way I feel about music and the experiences I had as a young adult. I related whole heartedly with the main character of the issue, A phonomancer named Penny. Every page of the story had me enthralled. I could have been penny, if Penny was male and a lifetime more of awkward.

So you need more proof that this series rocks. Okay Okay. Behold.

phonogram1 phonogram2

Am I right? Of course I am. Check out this book.

Okay so the real point of this post is That Gillen and McKelvie are taking over Young Avengers that comes out in a week. To quote another Blondie song: RAPTURE. I cannot wait for this series. And to prepare us all for the wonderment to come Gillen has written several character essays and included some music videos of artists who complement those characters. For Gillen’s site, Go HERE.

For the Playlist, so far, Go search Young Avengers on Spotify for my list. There’s a couple of the songs not available but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and have a listen at what is. The essays are really interesting and I’m fascinated by this man who all of a sudden was writing X-Men comics and I never put two and two together.


Here’s a clippette of O’Malley’s alternate cover for one of the issues giving it more of a Gillen Phonomancer feel.

Gillen, McKelvie, Phonogram and Young Avengers, Hoo Mah Moos? Yoo are!

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    I’ve not really talked about Phonogram but here are some thoughts I wrote about it elsewhere.


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