TV Playlist Part 1: The Passing Of…

Over the last few years there has been a list of shows that my wife and I watch together.  The five mainstays were:

  1. Leverage
  2. Fringe
  3. Glee
  4. Alphas
  5. Warehouse 13

We would also watch other bits-and-bobs of whatever was on. Sometimes we would watch Parenthood if it was on, but I wasn’t so bothered with that show and so missed a lot. And, in return, I watch/ed a lot of Doctor Who, which Amy has given a good try at, but hasn’t been able to catch the awesome that The Doctor is.

Last year we said farewell to Glee. I just couldn’t abide the characters any more. What started out as this updated throwback to Fame  using a glee club setting soon became one agenda after another and even the shows magical realism so became annoying. That and the music they were covering was just not my thing. I wanted more diversity but all they gave me was one hideous top 40 hit after another. To cut the story short, Bye Bye Glee. It was nice knowing you when you were a baby but once you reached your terrible-twos (and up) you just became someone else’s baby that I no longer had patience for.

That left us with Leverage, Fringe, Alphas and Warehouse 13.

Promotional poster

Alphas was what I wanted in a television program. It had Superheroes in a smart new setting of a police procedural and it had characters that I fell in love with. It wasn’t going to promise me something and not deliver A la Heroes, or die before it’s time like No Ordinary Family. Or so I thought. This week was a sad week for Alphas fans like myself. Alphas was cancelled, and I cannot begin to put into words how I feel about that blasted cliffhanger from the second season finale which just became a series finale. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’ll never see what happened to everyone after that dastardly plot knocked everyone (almost) unconcious. No more Rosen, Gary or Nina. No superheroic live-action mega fights or flights of fancy. No more Alphas. Wow I’m more upset than I thought. I mean come on. Ryan Cartright as Gary was genius.

Leverage has been Ye Old Faithful. I can’t remember an episode that wasn’t funny, intelligent, witty, thrilling and exciting. We were late to Season 5 as we didn’t have the money or the means by-way-of-cable-television to be able to watch it. Subconsciously, I missed it for all those months it was on, not realizing that we were missing the final season. Post Christmas, we suddenly had a lot of iTunes credit and we went ahead and purchased the final season. And what a season it was. Filled to the brim with all the character beats and comedy and drama and emotion and weight that we had come to know and love and expect.  R.I.P Leverage. The last few weeks of watching your fifth and final season has been a pleasure but bittersweet. On several days I have wanted to put off watching an episode in a futile attempt to sustain your existence in our lives. Every time I was vetoed by Amy.  So, hope to see your actors and actresses in other equally brilliant shows in the future.


It’s actually exciting to wonder where my favorite mastermind, grifter, hitter, thief and hacker will pop up next.

Fringe, I have plans for more Fringe posts over the next week.

However, this leaves us with one last show: Warehouse 13. What are we going to fill all this time with.  See my next post.

What shows are you currently watching? Which shows passing have you been the most sad about?

One Comment Add yours

  1. TB says:

    Alphas cancellation is news to me. This makes me sad. Did they not realize that David Strathairn was in it? He plays at the same level as Saul from WH13. That one has Damocles’ Sword above it all the time. That’s Syfy for ya.

    I also never got into Doctor Who, but it can’t be generalized about Americans. I know plenty of ‘Mericans obsessed about it. Obsessed!


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