TV Playlist Part 2: The coming Of…

So, with the passing of  almost the entirety of our T.V playlist, we have a lot more time to do other more important things than watching more and more shows. However, there are always new shows to entice and grasp at our attention and here are a few contenders for my attention. So here commences the coming of a new T.V playlist for the Cook home.
1. Doctor Who/Sherlock/Warehouse 13
I add these three together because it is a given that they will be watched in our home. All are continuing series and are the only constants after the passing of  Leverage, Alphas and Fringe, which if you haven’t seen the Thank You video from the latter, you really should. So heartfelt and made me just a bit sadder that Fringe will not be coming back.
2. Continuum
Starring Rachel Nicols, I heard about this show from I09 and looked it up on YouTube. Fortunately I found the first few episodes of the first season there and gobbled them all up albeit in a lower quality. After that week of watching those episodes, the remaining episodes could not be found and then the ones I had watched disappeared altogether. Then I learned that Continuum had been picked up by SyFy network. So now I have to wait for these episodes to be made available elsewhere as I don’t have access to SyFy and I don’t live in Canada where the show originates.  Woe is me.
Either way, the show has a great concept. A police officer from the future, Kiera Cameron,  is seeing to the execution of a group of terrorists. She is caught up in their escape plan which should have transported them all back in time 7 years. Instead, the terrorists and Kiera are transported back 70 years. Hi-jinx ensues and extremely entertaining hi-jinx at that.
This show is so cool. From the high-tech suit and bionic hardware/software Kiera uses, to the Terrorists trying to find their way and update their plans to Kiera’s present day cop-partner and the teenager who will be responsible for all Kiera’s gadgets and tech in the future. Love it.
3. The Following
We actually watched the pilot episode for this last night and Amy’s one response at the end of it was, “We’re going to have to watch that earlier in the evening.” For Amy, it’s done it’s job. For me too, I enjoyed the show, from it’s stars and guest stars to its premise, to its concept going forward, I really enjoyed the show. But, and this really is just a small thing really, It’s slightly predictable. Perhaps I’m just so much the horror fan that I analyze things too much.
SPOILERS that was your warning, spoilers below.
I foresaw the followers: the gay next door neighbors, the babysitter, the cagey woman who quite spectacularly plunged a pointy object deep into her eye socket in front of everyone. I had to catch myself from saying anything while we were watching due to Amy’s annoyance at my constant guesses at possible twists and turns. I thought of the stereotypes and clichés at play and thought that if these people aren’t victims waiting to be slashed what would they be? I was correct in my assumptions each time. But all in all it’s the atmosphere the show gives that adds to the entertainment.  I knew that Maggie Grace was not to be a series regular and I was correct. She was the inciting incident for the rest of the series. Poor dear.
4. Orphan Black
OrphanBlackNot much is known about this New BBC show coming this year but what is known about it is enough to grab my imagination.  A young woman realizes that she may be a clone after meeting a stranger who looks exactly like her.  The trailer is very clever and I’m hoping the series is more dark than fluffy entertainment fare.
I’m looking forward to more of the above.  What are you looking forward too? Is there a show I should be watching? Tell me.


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