Hudson: An Excerpt


Here’s the third writing excerpt from my NaNoWriMo endeavors last year.


What Happened on Jack Warren Green?

What happened on Jack Warren Green? Short answer; lots of people died. I didn’t. You want the long answer? Okay, you asked for it, but I have to explain some stuff first. Let’s talk about devilry and supplication. As I’ve come to understand, demons fall into two main camps. Well they probably fall into a thousand or so other camps but let’s narrow it right down. On the one hand we have demons who want nothing more than to cause mayhem, death, destruction and chaos for God and every other living thing. Not pleasant right, but there are others who want nothing more than to be worshipped. And not just be worshipped by lesser forms of their own kind, they want to be worshipped by God and every living (and un-living) thing.  They’ll go to any length to see this is done whether it’s devilry or supplication.

So on rare occasions you get small groups of demons that want the same thing; either devilry or supplication. On rare occasions you get unified groups who want both. Things never go well on these occasions. Well I say that like it happens all the time. I’ve only experienced it once, and that was when I lived with my aunt Stella on Jack Warren Green. A trio of Demons had a plan and they executed it almost perfectly. They just weren’t expecting to catch me in the trap they had laid.

When I was young, like a baby even, I used to see people in the corner of my room, and I’m not talking about my parents. Some of them were beautiful and I remember wanting them to pick me up and hold me. There were others that, even at that young an age, I tried hiding from. One in particular scared me. When he appeared I, I would scream as hard as I could to get one of my parents to come in to comfort me. The day came when the man in the corner of my room attempted an interaction with me. I remember lying there while he reached into my crib and stroked my head. At that moment, something happened. I felt a rush of something. I was too young to understand what was happening. I felt the man inside me. I was so young how could I be expected to, but he stayed with me, long after that event. I never saw my parents again. Aunt Lola came and took care of me and she told me that I went to sleep and didn’t wake up for couple of days. Years later I asked Lola about it again. She angrily told me to focus my attention on graduating from high school and I’d be a lot happier.

It turns out I’m a beacon for demons and celestials. One of them told me I’m a modern day Deborah, the priestess from the bible. This freaked me out a bit and I did what the celestial said I would do and deny who I was and my responsibilities and that just like Noah, bad things would happen if I tried to run away from my life. Did I listen? Nope. Did I run? Yep. Where did I run? I ran, with Lola’s help, to Cambridge, England where Stella lived on Jack Warren Green.

So the reason I bought up the types of demon was that there was a trio of them who targeted the people on Jack Warren Green. It turns out, corners are a demons favorite place to hide. It’s all about perception. You ever see a baby look at a corner of a room. Sometimes they laugh, smile and vocalize at to the best of their ability. This is when they’ve seen a heavenly being. Other times, when they catch glimpses of demonic beings, they watch worriedly, pucker up their little faces preparing for tears, or scream their little selves to high heaven. Which is exactly what happened to me as a baby.

Well, if enough of these babies have the same experience based on an angel they saw, visiting in the corner of their rooms, there is a mass feeling of elation experienced, followed by euphoria and then the laughter and adoration of parents and child alike. One of these demons, a particularly nasty creature named Harvey Clay had an idea about how to turn all that laughter, elation and euphoria into something more to his liking? On Jack Warren Green, three houses were home to three families with babies. They were situated naturally in a perfect triangle. One night the three demons visited each home, a demon to each baby’s bedroom, and as the babies caught sight of them, the demons simultaneously cast a spell. The spell was successful and the power of the babies fear mixed with the evilest magic I can imagine, transported the whole of Jack Warren Green to a purgatory status. No one could leave the street. The demons were made flesh enabling them to have the biggest bloodbath not known to man. I just happened to be babysitting one of those babies. Those that survived called me their savior. I…don’t think about it. Twenty-five people were murdered that night. I managed to help save twelve of them, and due to my special gift, that supposedly Deborah the prophetess had too, I’m now stuck with the traits of two more demons.

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