Dungeons and Dragons

amusement park (night)

I’ve been watching the old Dungeons and Dragon cartoon with Riley lately and it has revived my creative juices a bit. Yeah i guess it’s really been on my mind lately. I’ve had the episodes in my head, I’ve been humming the end credits music by Johnny Douglas relentlessly and have been doodling the characters. I loved and still love this cartoon.

Soooo,  I’m thinking of doing a Dungeons and Dragons ABC for Riley. I drew and colored the main characters, but not sure what I really want to do with them.  Anyway here for your viewing pleasure are the pics I drew. They’re not the best but they kept me happy for a couple of nights creating them.

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  1. Happy Meal says:

    Now go watch the Herculoids. That’ll fire up the juices for nonsensical storylines!


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