Wednesday Comics: Comixology


So Saturday I got $25  of Amazon credit at our family birthday celebration. I bought Steven Kings, The Wind Through The Keyhole, which I have been meaning to read for over a year now, and on Sunday night I considered what else I might want to read. Another Book, a comic this time, I’ve been meaning to read for a while was Brian K Vaughn’s Saga. I purchased Saga volume 1 from Comixology and waited for the download. It stuck on 6% and kept timing out. This was really weird and I thought back several months to the time when Wolverine and the X-Men #10 wouldn’t download to my kindle Fire. So I did what they had suggested then and deleted the Comixology app from the kindle and reinstalled it thinking all would be well when I tried again.

Had I known then that Marvel had just kicked off their 700 free #1s program I would not have done what I had as Comixology were a bit unprepared for the onslaught of who knows how many seekers of free digital comics.

I was left with no comics on my Fire and no way to log in to comixology to access comics, free or bought. I sent them an email and then realized, I wasn’t the only one and I would just have to be patient. Subsequently Comixology had to pause the freebies. Sad, but Oh well, I understood why. Things quickly restored to how they were.

The point of me writing this post comes down to all the hate on social media and press mainly on the comics side of things. Everyone was quick to point fingers saying things like”  this is why the comics world is unprepared for digital comics, and, Comixology is what is wrong with the digital process. This just agitated me. Comixology is responsible for my continued ability to read comics, easily and efficiently and in a way that doesn’t stress my wife out with perceived clutter. Of course, Comixology wasn’t prepared for the hordes of people wanting the free issues, but perhaps Marvel could have been a bit better with the release, like say  offer free comics in batches over the next few weeks or something. Who knows, but after all is said and done. I will support Comixology and all my interactions with the support team have been quick, pleasant and have helped me in exactly the way I needed to be helped. Thank you Comixology. My message to them would be, “Take this in your stride, learn from it, continue to bring me my digital comics.

And this morning, I wondered if they would be in a position to release all the weekly comics. For a second I thought I would just have to be patient again and get the comics as and when released, but, Comixology were there. The new releases for the week all popped up on my Fire and I was able to read the fantastic Uncanny X-Men #3.

Tempus and her mum.
Tempus and her mum.

I have to say, Bendis is WOWing me with Uncanny and All New X-Men. Super impressed. I think I can say that in my opinion, Uncanny is again the X-Men’s flagship title.

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