Tuesday Tunes: Josh Bevan

Josh Bevan

So Josh Bevan first came to my attention a few weeks ago as My sister put up a couple of his videos on Face Book. I saw that one of the videos was a cover of Seal’s Kiss from a Rose and thought, eh, maybe later. She then posted one of the videos again and I was hooked and wanting more.

Josh Bevan is a singer from Brighton who if you look him up on-line, will find a Twitter account, a Face Book page  and a MySpace page. You should go to them to check out more of his work but interesting enough he’s listed as a Singer/Writer/Coach/Cellist on his LinkedIn site. Also, Cambridge Connection: he went to school in my home town of Cambridge at Hills Road Sixth Form college.

So far there’s not much of a music presence apart from the videos on YouTube,but I think this is going to change very soon. He’s pretty awesome and I can’t get these three songs out of my head. Pretty Little You is below for your viewing pleasure but you should also check out Damn Girl, and Kiss from a Rose which he covers with the beat Boxer Reeps One and Marcia Richards of the Skints.

Is there anyone else who should be on our radar for Tuesday Tunes in the future. Let us know.

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