Tuesday Tunes: John-Ross Boyce & His Troubles

Image Courtesy of the Wonderful Jess Smart Smiley
Image Courtesy of the Wonderful Jess Smart Smiley

This weeks Tuesday Tunes comes from a more local place. A local band who through several different people I’ve had connections and not really taken the time to engage in this band when I really should have because I love them. Especially when Jess Smart Smiley has been creating posters for them for a while now. (the above image is Jess’s work. Awesome) Click below for more on this new find of mine.


Looking for more info on John-Ross Boyce and His Troubles I found this:

“The Troubles started when the pills stopped working, when the bed of a truck became just a bed, and Old Crow became dinner for John-Ross Boyce.”

Loving it just a bit more than I did. Anyway, I’m not quite sure how to describe Boyce and his troubles. I’m thinking Rock, in one of it’s purest forms that I have heard for a while. It has elements of country but none of the twangy awfulness of that genre. It’s got some bluesy elements to it. There’s this un-tampered with and raw quality that really grabs your ears and makes you want more and I think that’s partly due to Boyce’s vocals which elevate everything up a soul-induced rock-weary traveler notch.  Anyway go check out this band. Black Shuck/Old Crow is available on Spotify and at http://music.troubledtunes.com/ so go listen now.

Stand out tracks: Empty Stomach and a Narrow Throat, The Pills Aint Working Anymore, No Doctors,No Priests and Crippled Cowboy.

And See below for a taster of The Pills Aint Working Anymore.

Have you seen them live, What did you think?

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