Tuesday Tunes: Ivan & Alyosha


I listen to a lot of music that isn’t particularly mainstream or even available here in the UK, and I am often asked how I hear of these artists. One way is to look at who is supporting a band that I already like while they are on tour; I have discovered  some fantastic musicians this way and I enjoy watching them grow in popularity over time. This is how I discovered Ivan & Alyosha back in early 2011.

They are a four-piece band from Seattle (the home of so many great bands) that I would describe as indie-folk-pop-rock. It’s hard to pigeon-hole artists into one genre! After having three EPs on constant rotation for the last couple of years, I was delighted when they released their album ‘All the Times We Had’  in February. (It’s not out in the UK yet but luckily I have good friends in the US that help me buy and import albums to feed my addiction.)

(2013) All the Times We Had

To say I love this album would be an understatement, there is genuinely not one song I don’t enjoy. The four-part harmonies are just beautiful, as are the bittersweet lyrics. There are gorgeous hooks that pick you up and take you along, you can’t help but feel immersed in its warmth. It’s hard to pick stand out songs when you love them all, but at a push I would suggest listening to ‘Fathers Be Kind’, ‘Easy to Love’, ‘Running for Cover’, ‘Don’t Wanna Die Anymore’…… you know what? Just listen to it all! It would be the perfect soundtrack to your summer. If you go to their website here and sign up to their email list, you will receive a free ‘Cabin Sessions’ EP from last year with four tracks on it.

Watch ‘Running For Cover’ here:

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