Tuesday Tunes: Kate Nash


Today’s tunes is coming to you a bit late but it’s still Tuesday so I’m not too concerned. A couple of weeks ago I got my access to Spotify back and it was glorious. I have this playlist named “Sample.” It’s for me to dump any old artist, track or album in there to have a listen to and try it out to see if I like it. I then put the ones I like in Bi-monthly playlists that show what I’ve been listening to in that time period. It’s kind of fun to go back to playlists of months gone by and see what I was listening to back then.

Anyway Kate Nash, who due to my not being fond of her second album, has not been on any current playlist. I loved Made of Bricks but was not feeling My Best Friend Is You. But that changed when I listened to the Death Proof EP and then Girl Talk. I think Nash brings back that quirky self that made me fall in Love with Mouthwash and Foundations. I think Nash really starts to branch out a little bit and has embraced her Faster Pussycat Self and I love it.

These songs have the same Nash sound but something of a retro 50s chick rocker feel. There’s a retro Vibe to the songs and a certain Tarantino vibe. This makes sense as Death Proof was inspired by the actual Quentin Tarantino movie by the same name.

Stand out tracks: DeathProof, Fri-end?, Lullaby For An Insomniac, and my ultimate favorite right now, Sister.

Check out the live video below of Sister.

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