Revisiting X-Men First Class: Part 2

Ex-MenSo the X-Men First Class sequel is in production as I type this. In the last post I talked about how I felt about First Class. I loved First Class, and I did really enjoy the three X-Men movies that preceded it but here are my thoughts on the new movie.

So last time, I talked about the other movies and sequels and why I don’t care for exactness in my X-movies. I said:

“I see the movies as live action what-if? X-Men movies. I wasn’t looking for exactness or what was in the comics (I get my comics for that), I just wanted to see some live action X-Men coolness.”

That is definitely what we got with First Class, and I’m not seeing the sequel with as much trepidation as the first. However, here are some of the things I am looking forward to with this sequel.

1. Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. I loved the dynamic between them in First Class and I’m excited to see them go at it again.

2. Days of Future Past Storyline. I loved this story growing up. I loved that Kitty was this young inexperienced X-Man being inhabited by her older self. I loved that Rachel and Franklin were together. I loved the real stakes that were kindof watered down for any of the cartoon versions of this storyline. It was the first time I saw that Wolverine was vulnerable and could be beaten. I still remember the panels vividly where he and Storm are killed by the Sentinels and then you learn that Colosuss didn’t make it either. I’m excited. I just hope this storyline is treated with respect.

3. It won’t hurt to see both future versions of Storm and Wolverine Die in this movie either. I did say that one of the things I was looking forward to in First Class was that there was NO Wolverine. He had a cameo, which was time that could have been spent introducing a different character to say no to them and be even better, but it is well known that Wolverine is returning.

4. Ellen Page as Kitty. She was one of my favorite things in Last Stand. If all goes parallel with the comic (and again, I’m not saying it has to, I get my comics for that) then Kitty will be an important part of the movie.

5. I am actually really excited to see the old cast return and interact with the new.  I’m looking at you Rogue and Iceman. Still love ya. This however is a double edged sword which I will talk about later on.

6. Fan Bingbing as Blink. I LOVE BLINK. I can’t wait to see her. What I am hoping is that Blink and Warpath are the First Class replacements for Havok and Banshee. And, as those two characters are not returning, Xavier needs to have boosted his class a bit if the only student he has left is Beast.

OKAY, here are the possible cons.

1. As you can see from my title image, only four members of the cast are returning. No Banshee, Moira, Havok,  Emma or Darwin (I know I know. Darwin Died, but there was a part of me hoping he would have super evolved and survived long enough to be brought back in the sequel). And NO EMMA. Some people might have argued that Jones is an awful actress. I put it to you that , yeah maybe she is, but she was a perfect Emma. That detached Ice-cold demeanor and the perfect looks for the role. Banshee? OH MY WORD he was great and I’ve never felt so exhilarated in any other movie watching some one fly than I was in First Class.

3. Wolverine. Yes I was entertained by his own movie, however he has never been a favourite character of mine and (forgive me for saying…or not, don’t care) Wolverine is only as interesting as whoever he might be partnered/teamed-up with at any given time.  Examples: Psylocke/Wolverine=great.  Jubilee/Wolverine= entertaining. Rogue, Shadowcat, Armor/Wolverine=so engaging. Nightcrawler/Wolverine=fantastic. Pixie/Wolverine=oh dear. Anyone else/Wolverine=bored now.  Like Gambit, he’s a fan favourite holding no interest with this big X-Men fan. I actually want to see an Emma Frost/Wolverine team-up. Here’s to a heap of Adamantium bones.

4. Too many characters. With the knowledge that only 4 of the characters are returning for this sequel and a whole load of older characters returning I was worried that some of them would be pushed aside in a free-for-all akin to the new X-Men after M-day fighting out to see who got to be a featured character. And, this is the double edged sword I was talking about. Too many characters and too many actors with cameos, Yes CAMEO Halle Berry. It’s a cameo, You’re not the A list featured X-man in this movie. Thankfully we’ve moved on from your self important time on the first movies (here’s to Sentinel Javelins shot in just the right direction) Which leads me to the other self important scene chewer (and that’s not a good thing), Ian McKellen. You outstayed your welcome. Yes, we loved you in X-Men 1, but …oh it doesn’t matter, He’s in the First Class Sequel, I just have to tolerate him. Now I’m thinking of all those actors who would have played a better Magneto….Oh yes, Fassbender. Wish we could pull an older Fassbender from the future to play the first Magneto and then popped him back without any repercussions…..I’m babbling now.

After all that’s said and in the process of being done, I’m excited for more X-Men Goodness. I’m expecting great things from Singer. Make it great Bry. And as I said before, in the end, there is no chance I will miss this film, but i do have my reservations. Here’s to the sequel actually being First Class and not disappointing me.


What are your Pros and Cons in anticipation of this movie?

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