X-Kiddies Week: Wolverine’s X-Kiddies

Picture 17So welcome to day 1 of X-Kiddies Week where I will be evaluating the newest crop of X-Kiddies showing up in the pages of my three favourite X-Books. Let’s jump right in at the deep end with Iara dos Santos a.k.a Shark girl after the break.

Initial Cool Factor: The first images of Shark girl are awesome. She’s this freaky shark hybrid thing although still human looking. A were shark who has actually never full-on changed into a shark but she looks pretty cool in the image above. I was pretty excited to see some new blood here (if you’ll excuse the pun). Iara was put in a position where she had to battle against Mystique and after almost biting her head off is even more excited by the fact she has Mystique’s blood in her MOUTH. Score: 4/5Picture 18

Likability: Unfortunately, Shark girl is a bit of a loner and hasn’t really integrated herself into any group or clique at the school. Also, she doesn’t have anything really likable about her and with the last artist I’ve sometimes had difficulty is telling her apart from Oya when not in Shark form. Maybe this is just an artist rendition thing. Score: 2/5

Powers: Were Shark Form. As I mentioned above, initially this looked cool, but I’m not completely sold on the actual were-shark form. I like her to keep a similar look to the one above, rather than the one to the right. But she can survive being stabbed through the face by Mystique and according to Wolverine can shatter cinder blocks with a punch. Score: 3/5

Characterization: She’s the tough loner chick who has a different almost 50s look to her. She seems like a monster movie homage. That’s all well and good but Her characterization due to the sheer volume of other characters has not been good to her. However, the recent Savage Land arc gave her a lot more to do however convenient the threats and the action was. I loved the interaction between her and Wolverine and her class mates. I loved Eye-Boy’s assessment of her having a deep-seated fear of abandonment. This is Aaron adding layers to his creations that I am very happy with. Score: 4/5

 Jia Jing a.k.a Sprite

Picture 7

Initial Cool Factor: As the one main character in peril that we see suddenly changed by the Phoenix reigniting Mutants in the world, I was kind of expecting more. Visually she is interesting but I had no excitement or desire to see her again and didn’t think that she would become a cast member. Score: 2/5

Likability: Have not been given enough yet to likeScore: 1/5

Sprite in action

Powers: As her icon suggests, she is rocky skinned, winged student. Awe-inspiring? These powers are not quite defined yet. Score: 2/5

Characterization: She seems like the token inter-racial character pointing out how she always thought American schools are a certain way and being weirdly upbeat about everything. She is developing something of an interest in Genesis which could be cool. She was given some more to do in the Savage Land arc but not too defined. She seems like the over achiever, must do my duty with honor stereotype. That said, there is a lot of possibility for Sprite but I’m just not sure that I like her over a ton of other characters I do love who are not being used.  Score: 2/5

Trevor a.k.a Eye-boy

Initial Cool Factor: He, with the fantastically original code name. This character was one of the ones that when I first saw him, I was like”Really?” This guy? You add this new character rather than use an already existing and underused character that I like? No. Just NO. I mean just look at him. Score: 1/5


Eye-boy and guns

Likability: OKAY Jason Aaron. You tipped me. Eye-boy, however much I hate his name, is a cool addition. I’ve grown to love this character in such a short space of time. He has really grown on me. In the savage land arc and the most recent issue where we see future Eye-boy, his power set and the possibilities of it are soooo cool. Despite the obvious disadvantage he must have. Score: 4/5

Powers: Eyes. All over his body. Which I don’t want to think too much about. Anyway He has multiple eyes He sees things that normal people can’t see. Maybe some of the eyes see different things. The possibilities are many, and give him pistols or lazers for each hand and he is elevated even more. Score: 5/5 (This score is influenced by what he becomes in the future as I loved his costume.)Future Eye-boy

Characterization: Eye-boy comes off as a nerd, as a weakling and kind of annoying at first but, I’m a sucker for characters coming into their own and realizing things about themselves. He reminds me of Francis from Major Bummer. But more sympathetic. What is also endearing is the way he refers to himself in a way that mocks himself yet yearns for acceptance, like we understand that he has never been in the in crowd and having the mutant power he has, hasn’t changed things among the perceived outcasts.  I’m really liking what they are doing with him. Not much more but I’m excited to see what is done with him in the future. Score: 4/5

Rabid Broo2686613-broo_wolverine___the_x_men_7_

Initial Cool Factor: Let’s just make this last one quick. I was not a fan of Broo when he first appeared period, full stop. “.” Score: 0/5

Likability: Jason Aaron does it again. He takes a character who I could care less about and totally flips my expectation round and made me really like Broo. I mean there have been other cool Broods before like Harry Palmer’s mutant Broods back in Earthfall but he made a Brood cool, cute and adorable. A Brood!!! More on this in characterization  Score: 4/5 

Picture 5

Powers: Brood powers, but mutated. Score: 3/5

Characterization: So back to how Aaron made a cool, cute, adorable brood. But not just that, Aaron took the themes from other broods who struggled with losing their humanity and who they are as a person, and packaged that in a pint-sized broodling. An intelligent Brood who can match wits with Iron Man Beast and other intellects in the marvel universe, struggling with losing his humanity. A Brood! I love this twist on the Brood, he struggles not to give into his Brood side and with being around earth people and the emotions that come with that.  This was all brought to an end by Kilgore when he effectively lobotomized Broo. Now Broo is this feral little pet character that is as good as Wolverines dog. He’s been reduced to a character on par with the A.O.A Wildchild, and while that worked there, I’m not so happy about it now. I’m giving Broo a high score in this section but only for what Broo was and how I hope he’ll return to his former glory. You cute wittle numpty you. Score: 5/5

Aww, even unconscious he's adorable.
Aww, even unconscious he’s adorable.

So what are the scores George Daws?

Shark Girl: 13

Sprite: 7

Eye-Boy: 14

Rabid Broo: 12

Total: 46

Do you agree with the scores? Please let me know who ranks higher or lower in your eyes. Join me again on Monday for the Uncanny X-Kiddies.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. xmenxpert says:

    Shark-Girl looked cool at first, and the issue she first appeared in was one of the few truly character-driven issues of WatXM, which also made it one of the best. Since then, she’s been blah.

    Sprite is blah. I don’t care.

    I don’t care about Eye-Boy.

    Broo was a really interesting concept when Christos Gage introduced him in Astonishing. Then Aaron decided to make him largely comedic relief. I don’t care about him, as written by Aaron.

    I hate WatXM. I hate Aaron’s new mutants. The book, and the characters, are shallow, and two-dimensional at best. I want Aaron off this book.


    1. loz says:

      I liked Shark girls debut too but after that nothing much has been done with her. I agree on Sprite too. I think Jason’s big problem is that his cast is way to big. I’d like more focus on a smaller tighter cast. I’m looking forward to the hellfire academy arc but not too keen on his juggling at least 30 cast members.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Xpert.


      1. xmenxpert says:

        The Hellfire Academy. Ugh. Those Hellfire Brats are one of the most obnoxious concepts I’ve ever seen. I don’t hate them because they’re evil, I hate them because they’re just an idiotic idea. It’s a shame Aaron’s invested so much into those stupid brats, because every time they show up, it drags the comic down. And considering how mediocre it is in general, that’s not good.


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