More Doctor Who?


So the Doctor Who Finale was wonderful. I actually enjoyed it more than a lot of the other episodes in this season (yeah I’m looking at you, Western Robo Cowboy episode that I can’t even remember the name of). But at least we got a much needed send off for Amy and Rory and the introduction of Clara and some cool dealings with Darleks, Cybermen,  and some other cool new monsters. This episode felt a bit final and I was wondering what the future held for Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. So thanks to my Rss feed and some other digging, I found a couple of links to some news. Matt Smith will be back for the 50th Episode, the christmas episode and …an 8th season of Doctor who.

Check the link for the actual details below found at Doctor Who TV:

and another with Alex Kingston who had one of the most perfect moments in the finale. I loved it.

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