X-Kiddies Week: Uncanny X-Kids

Uncanny X-Kids

Uncanny Round 2

So welcome to day 2 of X-Kiddies Week. Last Friday I covered X-Kids: Shark Girl, Sprite, Eye-boy and Rabid Broo. Today I’ll cover, the kids who popped up in Uncanny X-Men. Again the highest score any one character can achieve is 20/20. So far we haven’t had anyone break 15/20, so find out if one of the following four new mutants can below.

Picture 5

Eva Bell a.k.a Tempus

Initial Cool Factor: Eva has the benefit of being an “other.” She’s not American, She’s Australian. There are not many Australian Mutants. There was Lifeguard and Slipstream and they were interesting (initially) for similar reasons. Then everything goes crazy in her life due to family and friends and prospective romance and then she gets this quiet moment of sheer chaos. Then the X-Men arrive.  That was cool.  Score: 5/5Picture 4

Likability: I’m not sure if Eva is our focus character. She comes off as your every day girl thrust into a crazy situation. She’s almost instantly relatable. She’s an entry way into the Uncanny X-Men as they are now. I really like this approach and it’s used at least two more times within All-New and then a further issue of Uncanny. She comes off as though she could be your friend. Maybe this is me seeing too much into the writing but… Score: 4/5

Powers: Time bubbles. Although I’m guessing there is more to this than we’ve seen so far. It’s definitely impressive and has taken care of the threat of sentinels, police and also a team of powerhouse Avengers. My one worry is that this might be used as the magic bullet to take care of any threat. I’m also concerned that there don’t seem to be any parameters to it yet. Eva just uses the power with no visual downside or toll on her body apart from a bit of dizziness and turning her hair blue and white.  Bendis has stated in a couple of interviews now that he was interested in powers that could be used in interesting, non-usual ways and could be adapted.  Score: 4/5

Characterization: As stated above, Eva seems like your every-girl teen introduction to the X-Men. However we’ve learned that in four days she is able to use her powers to great effect and has no problem holding her own in a conversation or debate that concerns her. I love how her character is revealed in so many small snippets of dialog that are making a bigger picture of this young Eva whose hero is Captain America.  I especially like the interaction with Triage, and her evaluation of him. I also like this new attraction to Cyclops which should make for some interesting drama later on. Score: 4/5

Christopher Muse a.k.a TriageTriage

Initial Cool Factor: Not sure why but Triage’s introduction is not as exciting or interesting as others. It seems like definite parallels are made to the way different races are treated and how mutants are a stand-in for young black men with this story. I’m not too interested in this character yet but it seems so far that too much effort is being made to make me like him.  Score:3/5

Likability: As I said, too much effort is being made to make me like this character. He seems very confidant and carefree but I just don’t like him… yet. There has to be more Score: 2/5

Powers: Healer. There are a few other healers in the Marvel U. What makes Triage different?  These powers are not defined. Score: 1/5Picture 14

Characterization: Too over confident. I don’t know what his game is yet or what his past is, but he seems to be accepting everything very easily. This is intriguing to me as there’s got to be something groundbreaking with him. Why doesn’t he care about his family? Why is this life better than his one before he knew he was a mutant? What’s his outfit all about? The jacket and tie, the goggles, the stick? I’m not seeing it yet but that means, hopefully, there is more to him than meets the eye.  Score: 3/5

Benjamin DeedsPicture 15

Initial Cool Factor: Now here’s the proper every-man character. I’m drawn to these characters as I’ve always been fascinated with the “What if it happened to me?” question. He has this weird unassuming character and power and I like what they are doing with him so far.   Score: 3/5

Likability:  As I said above, Deeds has this nice unassuming manner to him. I’m really intrigued his character and feel like I can relate to him. He’s definitely a focus character.  Score: 4/5Picture 16

Powers: He’s a shape shifter. A first I thought, “Been there done that” but there’s more to this character than meets the eye. He’s not a straight up shape shifter. There’s almost something sinister about him. More on this below.   Score: 4/5

Characterization: Deeds is a today’s teen. He seems grounded and normal. I like how he even questions Cyclops saying, “I have the internet. I know who you are Scott Summers. I know what you’ve done.” This is ballsy. Deeds went up a notch in my book. I like his calling out a known(to the world) terrorist. Maybe this is an example of his adapting to his environment. He’s also making connections. Immediately he’s made connections with Magic, with Fabio, and Eva. I think it’s very understated but Bendis is putting all these tiny little moments in the book that are making Deeds really fascinating. As I mentioned above there’s something almost sinister about him. He’s not even aware he’s doing it most of the time. This is raising so many possibilities for characterization and some really interesting potential conflicts romantic and otherwise within the team and his role on it. I’m also interested to see how this power is used offensively. Score: 5/5

Fabio MedinaPicture 13

Initial Cool Factor: Fabio, is instantly the comic relief. He’s the final, normal teen thrust into the fantastic by becoming a mutant, and yet I could instantly sympathise with him. But Cool? Not so sure. Score: 2/5

Likability: Fabio is sweating likability. Yeah he’s mainly sweating through fear and being overwhelmed but that’s one of the most normal responses I’ve seen for a while. Not all X-Men want to suddenly break into super heroics straight away. But, as character introductions go it’s pretty funny and endearing. Score: 4/5 

Powers: Gold balls shoot from his body. How, why or the effects of the gold balls other than blunt force projectiles is unknown. However, Poink is supposedly the new Bamf. Score: 3/5

FabioCharacterization: Fabio is the  least developed character among the four. That said he’s very self referential and I can see him being nicknamed Goldball for good. However, I want more than just comic relief, i need more layers, but for Fabio it’s early days. Score: 2/5

So what are the scores?

Tempus: 17

Triage: 9

Benjamin Deeds: 16

Fabio Medina: 8

Total: 50

Do you agree with the scores? Please let me know who ranks higher or lower in your eyes. Join me Wednesday to see how the All-New X-Men measure up to their contemporaries.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. xmenxpert says:

    Eva’s really good. I like her. She’s cool.

    Triage is definitely a bit lacking. I think the big problem is actually that his character feels like it changed. Who he is now is not who he was when he was first introduced. He’s gone from a nice guy to a bit of a douche.

    Benjamin’s cool. I like how he changes to match other people. It’s an interesting quirk. And he’s written well.

    Fabio’s fun. I’m enjoying him.

    All in all, I think Bendis’s new mutants are better than Aaron’s. I couldn’t care less about Aaron’s characters. But Bendis’s, I like. I care about them. I genuinely want to see what happens to them, and where they go.


    1. loz says:

      you’re right, Triage was this nerd lookin kid with the glasses and normal hair, and between All-New and Uncanny did this switch in looks and personality. I have my suspicions.


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