Tuesday Tunes: Lianne La Havas


So I happened across Lianne La Havas on another blog (loft965.com) as I was looking for summer songs and I was instantly blown away by La Havas’ live singing. See below the break for the details.

La Havas Hails from London and a Greek Father and Jamaican Mother who respectively are accomplished musicians in their own rights. According to Wikipedia (so grains of salt at the ready):

 Lianne wrote her first song at the age of 11, but did not learn to play the guitar until she was 18 years old.  she left college to pursue a career in music full-time. Although born Lianne Barnes, her stage name is an adaptation derived from her Greek father, Henry Vlahavas’s, surname.

I went straight to spotify to add her to my Sample playlist and fell in love with a ton of the songs on her album titled: Is your love Big enough. She’s a folk soul mix with an element that I can’t put a name to. Either way she has this beautiful voice that is equal parts soft, and harsh yet velvet and flowing. There’s this soft jazziness to her style that is so relaxing yet engaging.


Anyway Stand out songs, are: Is Your Love Big Enough, Au’ Cinema, No Room For Doubt, Forget, and Elusive. I really like  They Could be Wrong but check out the album. I love it, and it’s definitely worthy of Tuesday Tunes. Check out the video of Is Your Love Big Enough below and after it I attached a short show she did. The second song on the full concert video is Au’ Cinema and it is dreamy I find it my current go-to relax song.

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