X-Kiddies Week: All-New X-Kids

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All-New Round 3

Welcome to the last Score sheet for the X-Kiddies week. Monday we covered the Uncanny X-Kids and today it’s the turn of our time-displaced All-New X-Men. As a reminder, the highest score any one character can achieve is 20/20. So, click below the break for the rundown on today’s X-Men of yesterday.


Cyclops2Initial Cool Factor: A younger Cyclops? Blah. I actually like the present one which is a giant leap for me in itself. I never liked Cyclops back whenI first started reading…and actually he only became interesting to me once Jean Grey died. Is this a sign of dark scores for Marvel Girl? Possibly, but we are talking Young inexperienced Cyclops soooooo  Score:1/5

Likability: Here’s the thing. I’m really enjoying what Bendis is doing with Cyclops. I loved the Cyclops-centric issue where he goes to the bank and then meets Mystique for the first time. There was so much said and done in this issue, and I actually felt really sympathetic toward Cyke.  Score: 4/5

Powers: Optic Blast. Nothing new here, and we kinda know what he’s capable of even if Young Cyke doesn’t. Score: 3/5

Characterization: I’m really enjoying young Cyke’s characterization. He has just the right amount of youth, angst and innocence needed for this version. He’s a fish out of water and is trying to do what’s best for everyone and he is truly horrified by what he has become and the weight that has on him. Bendis has formulated this tragic element to Cyclops where coming to the future has pretty much ended whatever happy ending Cyclops had imagined for himself and we see that in more harsher terms when he hands the wedding invitation to Jean.   Score: 4/5

Marvel Girl

Initial Cool Factor: So here’s what you should know about Jean Grey and my relationship with her. Jean you had your glory days. You died. You came back, you died, you came back. It’s a dated trick and I’m totally happy for you to stay dead. This is not a popular statement, but I was not looking forward to having Jean Grey back.   Score: 1/5

Likability:  What really bangs the nail in this coffin though is that All-New Jean is not really a nice person. Of course she has had telepathic powers kickstarted when they shouldn’t have manifested for a while but what this adolescent, inexperienced Jean has done is totally abuse her powers and as Angel said, has about-faced in the teachings of Charles Xavier.  Score: 1/5


Powers: Telekinesis and Telepathy. This has been wonderful and maybe it’s just Immonen’s depiction of her powers but it’s just so darn cool looking. I loved the spread where Jean gets a mental crash course on Jean via Beasts memories. It was perfect. Score: 4/5

Characterization: Here’s where I redeem myself on Jean’s above scores (maybe). Again, Bendis is doing wonderful things. He’s really portraying this whole situation as a really bad idea but everyone is so involved with the drama and end-of-the-worldness of it all, it seems like the right thing to do to keep the kids in the present when of course things can only end badly. Jean is where we see this in action. Her mental puppetry of Angel is horrifying, and I couldn’t believe how much I loved the Cuckoos teaching her a lesson. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m expecting Jean Grey as I know her, ( I never read the original X-Men Series and I actually started reading X-Men when Rachel Summers joined the team) but i’m getting this arrogant little snot who’s taken it upon herself to be a savior before she’s well equipped mentally to handle it. This is good work on Bendis side. Score: 4/5



Initial Cool Factor: I have to say, of all the young team I was most excited about Angel and Ice-man. I miss Angel. THE Angel. Not apocalypses Angel or Archangel not the murdering X-Force Angel, not this new life-seed wacky Angel, but Angel.   Score: 5/5

Likability: While Angel has sometimes been the arrogant playboy millionaire, I always liked him. He was a hero, and this All-New Angel is the beginnings of that.I instantly liked his take on everything. He’s the voice of reason. He’s the ignored dissenting voice and I feel for him at every turn he’s gone through since his first appearance. And, you remember the feeling you felt watching X-Men First Class where Banshee is learning to fly? That’s how I felt reading the issue where both Angels take on Hydra. His action scenes are phenomenal.  Score: 5/5 

Angel4Powers: Wing assisted flight. Which was shown wonderfully in the aforementioned Hydra fight. Score: 4/5

Characterization: I’m loving what’s being done with Angel. He is wonderful  and I really felt for him in the moments where he tried to access the time machine before Jean corrects his behavior (evil witch). When it was rumored that a defector was moving to Uncanny from the All-New team, I knew it would be him. Does he realise he’s been manipiulated? not sure, but he’s taken the plunge now. I’m only worried even more for himm now as he’s swapped one crazy for another. And, despite Jeans manipulations I thinnk that would be the preferred situation to the one he currently finds himself in. Limbo is not going to go easy on our heroes. It never does. However, this is all part of the excitement around Angel’s character. At least his current situation is a direction (somewhat) of his own free will. Score: 4/5


Initial Cool Factor: So excited for Iceman. And I love his appearance in contrast to his present-day self.  Score: 5/5

Likability: Iceman is the comic relief but I’m waiting for his own focus issue as Jean, Cyke and Angel have enjoyed so far.  Score: 4/5 

Powers: Snowball form, original Ice slides. LOVE IT. Score: 4/5

Characterization: Iceman has not had much focus yet. Not too much characterization either. But boy, have we had the one liners and a fantastic  relationship with Kitty and Older Iceman. As I said above. Can’t wait for an Iceman focus issue. Score: 2/5

ice Waugh

Beast was left off the scoring, due to his being the least interesting All-New X-man brought to the future by himself. And to balance out the scoring.

So what are the scores?

Cyclops: 12

Marvel Girl: 10

Angel: 18

Iceman: 15

Total: 55

Do you agree with the scores? Please let me know who ranks higher or lower in your eyes. Ifr you have an opinion, post it in the comments below Join me tomorrow to see the rundown and who ranks highest of all the newer X-Kids.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. xmenxpert says:

    Cyclops is good. I’ve always been a fan of Cyclops. I’ve always found him much cooler than Wolverine. So now, getting two different versions of him running around is a real treat for me.

    Marvel Girl has surprised me. I have never cared about her. She always came across, to me, as a Mary Sue character. But Bendis has done a great job with her, making her a much more messed-up person. And I’ve been enjoying this take on her.

    Angel is pretty good. I like that he joined Adult Scott’s team.

    Iceman is, as always, a loser. Iceman has always been a loser. He will always be a loser. Seriously, Iceman has always been one of the least interesting characters in the X-Men, despite having an awesome power.


    1. loz says:

      How are you liking Beast?


      1. xmenxpert says:

        He hasn’t shown up much. He’s reasonably interesting, but has been too much in the background to really judge him yet.


  2. Gehirn says:

    Reblogged this on Jean Grey.


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