X-Kiddies Roundup

Picture 3Who is the top dog among the X-Kids from Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men? Check below the break for the rankings.

So Which team came on top?

In 3rd place we have the kids of Wolverine and the X-Men with 46 points.

Picture 10

In 2nd Place is The kids of Uncanny X-Men with 50 points.

Picture 12

And in 1st place we have the All-New X-Men with 55 points.

Picture 3

Did these All-New kids deserve the top spot? I thought I’d be leaning toward a top spot filled by either Wolverines or the uncanny X-kids but this result did actually surprise me. I never read the original X-Men series so I only knew them from when they appeared on the team much later. My first issue was when Rachel Summers joined the team and it has been one big roller coaster since. I have not missed a single issue since. The original five, grew on me though despite them not always being on the team (or at the same time) while I read. To be honest, I was not excited about the concept of All-New X-Men but then I read that first issue and I could not put it down.

So let’s break it down. Angel

  1. Angel: 18Tempus
  2. Tempus: 17Benjamin Deeds
  3. Benjamin Deeds: 16
  4. Iceman: 15
  5. Eye-Boy: 14
  6. Shark Girl: 13
  7. Rabid Broo: 12 and Cyclops: 12
  8. Marvel Girl: 10
  9. Triage: 9
  10. Fabio Medina: 8
  11. Sprite: 7

So what now? Wolverine and the X-Men go into their Hellfire Academy Arc this next week where we will meet some more new characters. The Uncanny X-Men are in Limbo fighting for their lives while we were introduced to a  30-year-old new mutant. And, The All-New X-Men seem destined to battle Mystique and themselves.Who should we be looking out for? Who do YOU think?

Join us tomorrow for the X-Kids Week Finale where we take a closer look at the underused  X-Kids who need to be showing up a bit more.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. xmenxpert says:

    I’d agree with that. The All-New X-Men have been great, and Bendis has done a fantastic job with most of them. The new kids in UXM are really cool, and again, Bendis has done really good work. The new kids in WatXM are bland and shallow, and Aaron’s done a weak job with them, as he’s done a weak job with every character on that book.


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