Final Day of X-Kiddies Week

Underused X-Kids


So if you have any love for the young kids at The Jean Grey School, X-23 or Clay Mann, you will almost definitely have seen the above image. It is rather fabulous and OH HOW I WISH THIS WAS AN EXISTING PROJECT. But, as realities go, some of our favorite characters aren’t so lucky, drifting in and out of the background while current writers play with their own new creations or favored characters. So, here I am today to present to you some of those characters and the Projects I think they would be awesome in. But First, Let’s start with some statistics below the break.

First up, who is the one character mentioned 8 times in 24 hours that needs a comeback? Jubilee.  However I’m going to ignore Jubilee, as she is about to get a lot more exposure in the X-Men #1 coming out soon.

M was next. People want to see more of her and would include her in their dream X-team. I think Peter David is doing a good job with her now but X-Factor will be ending soon, so I’m considering her.

Close behind M was Hellion, who I’m not surprised to see on this list as he is one of my favorite underused characters. The world needs more Hellion. Also, Transonic. I never really read Generation Hope so I guess Gillen must have done some good things with her.

Husk and Chamber came next with the same amount of mentions. I’m really hoping this next arc in Wolverine brings Husk back into the fold. I think it was a travesty that she was let go and where was cannonball when she needed help. Is this going to be discussed? The next names on the list are as follows:

1. X-23, 2. Primal, 3. Elixir, 4. Armor, 5. Surge, 6. Hope

Those with at least two mentions are as follows:

1. Velocidad, 2. Skin (presumed Dead after Necrosha), 3. Sync (definitely Dead), 4. Zero, 5. Ink, 6. Dust.

The following Mutants were mentioned at least once. (Maybe some of them are my own additions. More on this later):

Anole, Oya, Rockslide, Beak, Pixie, No-Girl, Trance, Indra, Omerta, Wraith, Loa, Wallflower and Blink.

What can we do with all these guys? For one, I am going to eliminate several characters from the proceedings.  Skin, Zero, and Synch for being Dead. HopeOya and Pixie, for not being underused at all (and being a bit crap). Velocidad and Ink, for being uninteresting to me. And lastly Beak, for just being a bit crap.


Scenario 1: Search for X-23

Hellion Knows something is wrong. X-23 is missing. Despite Laura having told him that she no longer has feelings for him, they have still been communicating. When the Communications stop, Hellion contacts the Avengers Academy. Getting no response he asks Chamber if he knows any telepaths who might be able to look for Laura as now, the Cuckoos are gone and Rachel Grey seems busy.  Chamber contacts M, and after some cajoling she agrees to help them look. Chamber and M put together a small team to help find Laura and M is worried as something is definitely wrong with the psychic trail she is being led. The team consists of M, Chamber, Hellion, Transonic, Husk (who is trying to redeem herself after the whole Hellfire arc) Primal, Elixir, Armor and Surge.   Arcade has built several fail safes for those attempting to find Murderworld and our team is led on a series of adventures that will lead them to a possible doppelgänger of X-23 and will delve into the inter-personal relationships on this team.


Scenario 2: XUE

Wracked with guilt over what he’s done as part of Uncanny X-Force and over killing Wither even when wither begged him to stop, Elixir has been in a deep depression and has been doing a lot of soul-searching. He figures he could make things better if he could just save one person. Drinking in a bar he bumps into Blink who happened to be present at Necrosha. He attacks and they fight for a few moments but then both of them end up drinking together. Elixir tells Blink that if he could only save one person, Wallflower, he would be vindicated. She agrees to help him. This sets on a chain of events leading them to the mysterious Jane Doe, or as we know her, Fixx.

Now that Xavier is dead, Fixx has been searching for Elixir as he has a big role in the future to heal the XUE which Fixx has been recruiting for. So far she has recruited  Wraith, Omerta, Vincente And a sometimes present Murmur. She needs more officers to build up what the future needs for a catastrophic event in the near future. She knows that several people should be there and that is also why she has been seeking them out. Wallflower is one of them, as is Blink, Elixir, Loa, Indra and Trance. These mutants will make up the secretive but important Underground Enforcers in the name of Xaviers Legacy.

While Blink and Elixir find a secret time portal and  manage to pull Wallflower out of time before she is shot in the head in the blink of an eye.  Fixx intercepts the three with her XUE and in the skirmish (which comes because that’s what the X-Men do when they fail to communicate)  it appears that Murmur is still under the influence of an M-Plate Virus and betrays the XUE. A team is formed and now they have a purpose to fight a dark future that comes through the M-plate virus. Hi-Jinx ensue.

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Scenario 3: Ultimate Fixx

Fixx has temporal Insanity and her mind seems as though it has fractured in to several pieces and has been absorbed by several mutants in the ultimate world. She must find the pieces before she goes completely insane and find her way back to the future she knows. Along with a team of young mutants each holding a piece of her mind, she fights against the evil Greystone corporation and it’s deadly assassin The Husk. Her team including, Reyes, Wraith, Murmur and Vincente, help the woman that could be their savior or their destruction.

Well there it is. The end of X-Kiddies Week. Hope you have enjoyed the past posts and hope you enjoyed this little flight of fancy today. What do you think? Who’s your dream team? If you missed the posts leading up to this one, here they are blow for you’r entertainment. Thanks for stopping by HooMahMoos this past week. Come again.

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