Tuesday Tunes: The Cat Empire


This weeks tune comes from the Cat Empire. And, I love that that last sentence can exist. Check below the break for more…

The Cat Empire, another Spotify find that I had to do some digging for information for. The are an Australian Ska/Jazz band, and while I’m not usually keen on Ska, I’ve been more open to the genre due to Sister B being such a fan.  Anyway here’s a blurb from the all Knowledgeable and lesser sourced Wikipedia:

The Cat Empire are: Core members Felix Riebl (percussion and vocals), Harry James Angus (trumpet and vocals), Will Hull-Brown (drums), Jamshid “Jumps” Khadiwhala (decks, percussion), Ollie McGill (keyboard and backing vocals), and Ryan Monro (bass and backing vocals). They are often supplemented by The Empire Horns, a brass duo composed of Ross Irwin (trumpet) and Kieran Conrau (trombone), and have recurring guest musicians. Their sound is a fusion of jazz, ska, funk and rock with heavy Latin influences.

I must say, I’m loving the sound this week and bought my fave tracks from the album: Steal The Light.

Steal The Light
Steal The Light

Stand out Tracks are: All Night Loud, Brighter than Gold, Go, and Prophets in the Sky. Check out the video below.

What do you think? Is there a band or artist on your horizon? Let us know and maybe you’ll see them here.

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