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Do you remember that cool part in Iron Man 3 where there’s an attack on Stark’s home and Iron Man Saves Pepper Pots by encasing her in Iron Man Armor? SOOOOO COOL right?

Or that Shocking and awe-inspiring moment in Star Trek: Into Darkness where the Enterprise crashes and there’s that battle. SO great.

Or In Wolverine where Wolverine battles dozen’s of Ninjas and then in the end, he battles a souped up, video game version of the Silver Samurai.

Or that bit in Man of Steel where he first uses his powers on screen and….yeah I know I know, the last two movies haven’t even come out yet.

Here’s my point though, I haven’t even seen the first two movies. I know I know, finances and promises to see movies with other people and just lack of time have made it so that I have been without, even though I’m excited to see them. Another point: Imagine how cool those moments I listed above would have been if they hadn’t been spoiled by watching the trailer. The Ironman 3 and StarTrek trailers (however cool they were) have spoiled moments from the film. So let me just say now:


And the factor that has made me suddenly decide to NOT watch any trailers? The ability to be spoiled due to onset photos from movies that aren’t even finished production yet. The entertainment sites I visit all have the scoops from on set, and a few years ago this never happened. You never heard as much as we are hearing nowadays, and it’s getting increasingly harder to ignore. Especially in the twitterverse with directors such as Bryan Singer tweeting images direct from the set regularly. The spoiler in me has finally had enough.

Of course it’s exciting and it titillates the need for more and more in media, and I feel like I am missing out, but all these spoilers are doing exactly that to my movie and TV watching experience. They are spoiling. It’s like I need my own River Song to whisper directly into my head with that beautiful voice of hers and wave her finger across her lips in that way she does. Which leads me to another annoyance. I feel like audiences are increasingly feeling that they are entitled to spoilers and trailers. That they deserve it. See a snippet of a news report below from the Dr. Who news site. I’ll bold the parts I’m annoyed by”

This isn’t exactly surprising, but the casting process is reportedly already underway for the Twelfth Doctor — based on the linked report, I’m not sure any actors have actually auditioned yet, but the preliminary wheels appear to be in motion. We may actually know the identity of the Twelfth Doctor within the next month, as it’s quite reasonably thought that the announcement needs to be made before the Christmas special begins filming, as otherwise the secret would inevitably be revealed in set photos. The report also mentions that the next season will be 12 — rather than 13 — episodes long, and that the BBC hasn’t ruled out casting a woman as the Doctor. [Radio Times]

Imagine how amazing it would be if Moffat could keep this secret and the actor/actress who will replace Matt Smith be revealed… IN the episode JUST AS S/HE REGENERATES. I know this won’t happen. They’ll want to announce the replacement as soon as possible.

And as an addendum to that, I don’t think Time Lords change sex when they regenerate. Anyway that’s a discussion for another time, but I stand by the above statement.

From here on, I will look away. What do you think. Have you been spoiled by a movie trailer or TV spot? Which one?

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  1. herdthinner says:

    Of all the Iron Man 3 trailers, I don’t remember any of them showing Pepper getting the armor on, so I was spoiled right proper. It could be because I so very rarely watch TV these days, nor films properly in the cinema. I miss a lot that way. But it is my own fault if I go to a site and click on the “on set pics spoilers!!!!” articles.

    I haven’t seen the latest Trek, either. It was my own fault that I caught a plotpoint due to having all spoilers “uncloaked” on tvtropes.org. By the way, I recommend Iron Man 3.


    1. loz says:

      I’m eager to see all these movies. I’m just finally sick of all the spoilers in them. I saw an earlier Wolverine and superman trailers, but I have been able to ignore anything I’ve seen that’s even remotely spoilery.


    2. loz says:

      And sorry I spoiled you, that was not my intention.


  2. naemiles says:

    So true, you don’t need to give away the bet bits to sell a film! Also, I like the idea of the doctor being a surprise, I’d hate I know before. Matt Smith was kept a secret, I really hope the next doctor is too. And that it’s not a woman. It just wouldn’t seem right to me.


    1. naemiles says:

      *best bits, not bet!


    2. loz says:

      I was thinking it might be cool to have a female doctor but there seems something wrong about that. I think the Doctor is inherently male and it would be too jarring for audiences to suddenly have that aspect change abruptly. That said, I think Jane Horrocks could do a nice job. The other problem I have is, that in my head, they’ve already shown what a female doctor would be like. I want to see Romana return.


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