A new contributor

My name is Tom and I’m a new contributor to Hoo Mah Moos?

I’m one of the legion of Marvel fans who first got into comics when they happened to tune in to the X-Men Animated Series in the 1990s.  That classic series sparked an interest that’s lasted for years.  I’ve read some DC, but the reality is I’m much more of a Marvelite.  I think Marvel has a number of strengths, and I reckon they typically underestimate them.

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The first thing that’s got me hooked to Marvel is the depth of character.  Marvel’s icons include so many troubled, and troublesome, characters.  Think the self-hatred of Wolverine; the infidelity of Cyclops and Phoenix; the alcoholism of Tony Stark; the money-worries of Spider-Man (not to mention, at the moment, the ‘body-taken-over-by-his-arch-nemesis-ness’ of Spider-Man!).  The heroes in the Marvel Universe feel so much more real, never more so than in the 1990s X-Men, when the comics kind of felt like a soap in sketch form.

But behind each of Marvel’s characters lie years of history.  Marvel haven’t used the ‘cosmic reset button’ in the same way as DC.  With the sole exception of Brand New Day, they’ve continued to push their characters forward, basing today’s events (however loosely) on what has gone before.  Which brings me nicely on to one of the things I’ll be posting on here; I’ll be heading back in time to Giant-Size X-Men #1, and running on through the Claremont era with a series of reviews and character profiles.

A classic X-Men team, from the 1970s relaunch.

And, in line with this, Marvel have continued to extend their super-heroes across the generations.  I love the fact that Marvel are developing new characters as well as old ones, although all too often those comics don’t have a strong enough concept behind them to keep them going.  In line with my interest on this, I’ll be giving you some reviews and character profiles related to Avengers Arena, a series that – to my surprise – I’m really enjoying.  I suspect I may stir up some controversy there…

Even the best friends can be turned against one another in Avengers Arena.

Finally, I’ve been hooked on Marvel games for many years.  I’m a fan of Facebook games – in fact, I briefly supported the ill-fated super-hero CCG CLASH: RISE OF HEROES, and had a character designed for it, the spectacular Sunspot (art by the excellent Alex Dai).  As such, I’ll also be doing posts on Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

The spectacular Sunspot, a character created by me and used in CLASH: RISE OF HEROES. Art by Alex Dai and rights owned by Making Fun; used with permission.

Away from writing these posts, I work for The Co-operative Bank on a Virtual Adviser, an interactive tool that helps Advisers get to the information they need to resolve customer queries.  You can read an article I wrote about that system here.  Hobby-wise, I’m a prolific reader, loving strange-but-true facts and also addicted to fantasy and science-fiction.  My favourite series has to be the iconic Doctor Who, and I’ve recently become a contributor at What Culture!  I’m a committed Christian, heavily involved in my local church where I’m a lay preacher (you can hear the sermons from my church’s preaching team here).  I’m happily married to my wife Fiona.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I get some time to sleep…

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