Marvel: Avengers Alliance Season 2

Behold the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club!

Since its launch in 2012, Marvel: Avengers Alliance (MAA) has seen tremendous development.  There are now literally pages of heroes available, including such esoteric examples as Tigra and Union Jack!  The game has continually been enhanced, with regular Spec Ops (there’s one in progress right now at time of writing, with Wonder Man and Constrictor available through Spec Ops tasks and lockboxes) and PvP tournaments (again, one is in progress).

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, though; sometimes the choices made have seemed downright odd, especially when the Spec Ops featuring Hank Pym seemed to have involved a lot more work than the obligatory Iron Man 3 Spec Ops.

Still, ever since the launch of Chapter 12, Playdom have been teasing the release of Season 2 – although this launch has been delayed twice (the 12th and 18th June launches didn’t go ahead).  On the MAA forum, Playdom have let on that this will essentially be a continuation of the game, but with new options in addition to your standard Battle and Deploy.  That much had been clear; even while working on Season 2, Playdom continued the launch of non-Chapter content, making it clear this wasn’t too massive an overhaul.

So, what do we know?

  • More locations – we know we’re going to see new locations.  The next chapter will start off in London, fitting perfectly with the chapter title Excalibur and the recent inclusion of a number of ex-team-members of the British super-hero team Excalibur.  Psylocke, Union Jack, Captain Britain, and even lockbox ‘hero’ Juggernaut have all been members of the team.  Some of the promotional art appears to be based in Wakanda, too, which raises some interesting questions.
It’s been heavily teased that the ‘incursion’ plot from New Avengers (this scene is from that plotline) will be featured in Season 2, explaining hints of alternate-universe characters.
  •  More of the same – we know a little about what’s coming; Playdom have released artwork for new characters and costumes, including Blue Team Cyclops from the 1990s and X-Men: Legacy-era Rogue.  So we know the rollout of new content will continue.  What’s more, because Playdom thought they could launch Spec Ops and PvP tournaments without disrupting the launch, we also know these are likely to feature.  Which makes sense; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
I admit, I’m a fan of the X-Men: Legacy era look!
  • New villains – teasers have shown a number of new villains, and Playdom have repeatedly discussed new opponents.  Spec Ops, too, have routinely featured villains you won’t see elsewhere, which raises the possibility that these will be seen.  The in-game teaser also does a lot more than hint at the presence of Selene; Playdom have confirmed this in the forum, along with the unusual choice of Sugar Man, a very weird X-Men villain.

Of course, the beauty of it all now is that some villains are available to play too.  Who knows; we could be seeing some, ah, ‘super’ new cast…

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