Into the Psi Forest: Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of Into the Psi Forest. Today we’ll discuss Prof’X, Kid Omega, Fixx, and a couple of others I missed. Anyway click below the break for more Psi goodness.

Prof' X
Prof’ X

Let’s talk about Charles for a moment. Just a moment. He’s the original telepath. The first we learn of in X-Men history. He found his destination. He made it his own. He became the destination in a way that was more effective than Emma Frost as we discussed last week. If you look on his wikipedia page it will give you an impressive list of  Psi abilities and in the past we have been witness to how powerful Xavier could be if he wasn’t careful, or, if he really applied himself. Three of my favorite moments for Xavier have been 1. X-men Legacy (yes I’m cheating by naming Carey’s whole run, but specifically his interactions with Exodus and his followers.). Legacy showed us how ingenious and how much of a master Xavier was of his destination. 2. Onslaught. Here he was shown to be a hugely powerful Psi, without many limits to his destination. Of course Onslaught became its own entity but we see the potential 3. Xavier’s dubious but ultimately brilliant interaction and final battle with Danger over in Astonishing X-Men.

Kid Omega
Kid Omega

Kid Omega has become one of the more fascinating. He’s an Omega in both name and power level and it would seem that as an individual who has been a being of pure psionic energy in the past, that he has totally transcended the physical, if it weren’t from his completely arrogant, narcissistic and flawed character. In an alternate timeline he’s a host for the Phoenix force and  yet there’s something even more about him. He’s a constantly growing Psi, who has found his destination within the Psi Forrest but is more than happy to smash his own pathway to another if he thinks it’s worth doing. And, able to processes several thousand “brilliant” thoughts a second, what’s to stop him?

As a former prize pupil of Xavier himself, you have to wonder how much Kid Omega was able to learn in that time. We know he wasn’t a student as long as Jean Grey but there is something to sheer, brash, force of will, coupled with powers that are (in Xavier’s own words) “deep, subtle and … able to influence minds around him.”

Kid also took his learning into his own hands and is learning to do new things. I love his psionic manifestations of tracking gear used when all the teachers had been abducted by Frankenstein’s circus (did I really just type that last sentence?). He also manifested his own Psychic shotgun in the style of Psylocke and other powerful psi’s manifesting Psychic weaponry. And, there’s the new matter of Kid being impervious to the powers of the Siege Perilous. There’s more to this Kid and the Destination he sometimes abuses, but maybe our Kid is growing up?


Fixx is by far the most mysterious Psi character in the Psi Forrest and from a very brief spotlight over in X-Factor has managed to be this fans fave despite her current non-presence. Let’s first address her destination. She follows the trend of a Psi at the top of her game reveling in her destination and then being thrust into a new place where she had to relearn her new location. When Fixx came to the present day Earth 616, her psionic sprites were able to thrust her Psionic self into the new recently deceased Jane Doe. This caused some issues as Jane Doe was a cipher, a complete unknown. With her fellow time travelers, they took on the mind and memories of their new counterparts. Fixx wasn’t as lucky and because of this was at a decreased psionic level and had to be reacquainted with her abilities. Something that she still managed while being a total bad ass when the XUE joined X-Factor.

I believe that Fixx is potentially one of the most powerful Psychics in the Marvel Universe. Her powers work almost in a vicarious manner through her sprites which are a tool Fixx uses to access her abilities. I see the sprites as Fixx’s pathfinders and foragers in the forest. While Fixx might not have necessarily gone to each of the new destinations in the Psi Forrest, her sprites have and have kept open the paths and winding ways. These sprites can act in a telekinetic way by lifting and moving things around.  They can act in telepathic ways, attacking by burrowing into others thoughts, reading minds and possessing others and protecting from physical or mental attack.

I like to think that Fixx is out there becoming the ultimate Psi and putting together her own version of the XUE, especially after Xavier’s death. Am I projecting? Possibly, but a fan can hope right.

And now for a few more brief pellet sized bits.

I know, old pic, but I love them.
I know, old pic, but I love them.

Cuckoos: Oh Cuckoos, look how you have grown.  It wasn’t long ago that you looked like the pic below. I’m not going to spend much time with them. They are, after all, clones of Emma Frost. They inhabit the same destination within the forest. That said, the Three remaining Cuckoos are headed in a different direction than Emma. As one of them stated recently “We’re not like you completely. We’re growing– changing.” another one states, “We’re seeing things a little differently than we used to.” Maybe we’ll be seeing more to them soon, and this weeks Uncanny X-Men would surely point to that.

M: Monet is another matter altogether. Is her power TP related? Is her destination one of a telepaths or does it reside in a completely different forest? One where she is the queen B, and the trees do her bidding. We know that M is a skilled telepath and in X-Factor she has been showing some interesting, deeper TP skills. Not as Nuanced as Emma or Xavier, but some cool little things. However, if Wikipedia is to be believed, she does have telepathic limitations, like a lower sphere of influence dictated by proximity to target. Not sure if I believe that or where this is sourced, but if you know where this is featured, let me know. As with all her other abilities though, M seems to be totally comfortable in her Psi destination.

BlindFold: Blinfold’s an oddball. She seems to inhabit an ethereal destination in the Psi Forest that she’s not comfortable with, or at least from the outside it looks like she is completely bonkers. She sees things with her TP that others don’t, like the weird creature over in X-Men Legacy that had captured a few of the X-Men and it was down to her and Rogue to deal with it. Also we learned that she wasn’t talking in riddles to herself for all that time, she was talking to Cypher. Spurrier is also doing some great things with her in Lagacy also. She’s proving to be not quite the cryptic headcase that she has in the past and is becoming more of a Psi in her own right in her own destination. But anyone who is destined to be Legion’s -nemesis?- is not to be taken lightly.

Okay, three more points to finish with.

1. Finding another destination in the forest is not half as important as memorizing the path. i.e. knowing you have the potential is not half-relevant until you’ve actually learnt how to access it. This is why I feel like Rachel and Fixx are among the most powerful Psi’s.

2. There is only so much time in the day. Consider that the x-men go through many years of coordinated exploration of their own powers/mindscape. But like a facebook game, there is only so much “distance” one can travel in the forest each day, every time you learn a path and make it your own, it may become a little “shorter” or faster to travel. (hence Jean and betsy, they both met halfway). Emma spent her time and days learning and building her fortress, possibly on her own. Jean and Betsy had help and training and were encouraged to seek out new destinations. Fixx had a whole history and legacy of Psychics and then came to the time where all these “golden oldies” actually lived in their hey day.

3. The factor of outside stimuli, you know, like, when a sentinel crashes through your roof. Think about that a lot of the time these mutants are forced to focus on things where “finding yourself” isn’t a survival trait, you have to rely on what you know works. Emma, learned to use her powers to survive, then she joined the hell fire club. There she had to learn a new way of thinking, not just how to see her power potential. Then she became a teacher,(insert traumatic coma-by-sentinel/wake up to find students dead period). What I mean to say is that although these experiences may have given her a lot of experience, they have likewise taken up the resources she would have needed for further exploration of the forest. Then of course there are instances such as the Cassandra nova attack(for emma), the Kwannon exchange (betsy) and the Phoenix(jean). Onslaught for Xavier. These events forced open a path in the forest to a new destination, possibly not by the choice or will of the individual but by necessity or accident.

Did I forget anyone? If I did, tell me in the comments. There are some older characters and lesser used characters like Birdy and Martha, but I didn’t want to chat about all of them and need a part three. What do you think? Again, thanks Jlf Christians for the muse.

And I just realised I forgot about Karma, does anyone want to do a mini write-up about her?

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  1. Nice! I really love the forest concept, it’s a tremendously useful one imo; the only ones I’d really add would be Cable and Nate Grey (yeah, Nate’s the AoA version, but they’re created in different ways completely so their genes etc won’t be entirely analogous).


    1. loz says:

      Cable and X-Man didn’t even cross my mind. Does there need to be a part three where Karma and those two are discussed?


      1. I sure don’t think it’d hurt – they’re rather cool! 🙂 I was always a Nate Grey fan…


      2. loz says:

        And Sage and Hellion will be added.


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