Avengers Alliance update

Well, news is coming out – we now know a heck of a lot more about what’s up-and-coming in the world of Avengers Alliance!  The Circle of Eight are coming to town in Season 2, and here’s a look at some of them:

I assume there are another three of them…

We know that Season Two is going to feature some brand new mechanics:

  • Heroic Battles – special fights that leave S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out of the mix in favour of reliving iconic battles.  The examples given were a Cable and Deadpool team-up and Wolverine versus Sabretooth!
  • Incursion Battles – the player is pitted against agents and heroes from an alternate reality, such as the Sugar Man!
  • New chapter mastery mechanic, with costume rewards for completion!  For chapter 1, you receive the White Iron Fist costume; for chapter 2, you receive the Blue Team Cyclops costume!  Other costumes awaiting release include Archangel, Daredevil in his classic get-up, Grey Hulk, New Mutants Magik (which presumably means Spec Ops Heroes are becoming available for regular sale), X-Men: Legacy Rogue, and the Classic Thor!  An alternate costume Scarlet Witch was also mentioned at New York Comic-Con 2012.  Any or all of these could tie in to the new chapter mastery mechanic.

According to Producer Justin Woods, “If you haven’t played Marvel: Avengers Alliance yet, now is a great time to start.  Season 2 has a brand new story with no prior knowledge of past events necessary to enjoy it – but of course you can always go back and play Season 1.”  Woods has also stated that we won’t lose any rewards, heroes, or achievements from Season 1.

We now know that a few new characters are on their way:

  • The next Player versus Player award is none other than Bishop, the time-travelling X-Man recently returned to comics circulation after becoming a Mutant Messiah-hunting madman!  Given that Bishop is rumoured to be involved in X-Men: Days of Future Past, this seems like quite a savvy move on Playdom’s part.
  • The next Spec Ops sounds to be Dark Reign-themed, with Ares as the award!  Apparently in the Avengers Alliance universe, the Dark Avengers are run not by Norman Osborn, but by ‘Dell Rusk’…
  • The next Lockbox Hero is none other than the ninja assassin Elektra!  I reckon having her team up with Psylocke would be pretty hot!
  • The next Hero to be released is none other than Squirrel Girl, but Brother Voodoo and Moon Knight have also been mentioned!
New Heroes released in Season 2!
New Heroes!  Bring it on!

And meanwhile, the forthcoming Infinity plotline in the comics is actually spilling over straight into Avengers Alliance.  Apparently players will have several (not one, but several, according to reports, although I’m suspicious) Spec Op missions; a new character (never before seen, not in comics, movies, anywhere – reminding me fondly of the origin of X-23, oddly enough); and even the chance to unlock a digital-only comic!

Oh, and did I mention that PvP is getting a redesign?  Apparently you get separate offensive and defensive teams… A much-needed boost!

Finally – we may not have long to wait.  There are rumours that the new PvP mechanic mandates simultaneous release of the next PvP season and the new content.  So keep your eyes peeled, guys!


For the last week, Playdom has been releasing a lot of information.  Click here to view the thread.  But points of note are:

  • New Mission Screen with a chapter completion bar tweaked from the one now used in Spec Ops
  • A focus on the Heroic Battles, specifically Cable and Deadpool versus the U-Foes!  Apparently another is Gambit and Rogue versus Prime Sentinels, as well as the classic Wolverine versus Sabretooth!
  • Info on where the Golden Weapons have been relegated to
  • Not one but two Iron Fist costumes as rewards for completing Chapter One!  There’s a detailed summary of Iron Fist too
  • Changes to the sounds / music
  • A significant update to the Research tabs


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