“Bamf,” Just Like That



One of the biggest revelations from the past week in the X-Men world was the return of Nightcrawler. For your entertainment, I will present to you below the break, my biggest Pro and biggest Con for this decision.

Let’s start with the Con. Then we can go from a cold lonely place to a happier one.

The biggest reason I have for not liking Nightcrawler’s return is this piece I wrote at the time of his death. In that piece I wrote:

Something tragic happened in the second coming storyline. While trying to get the supposed mutant messiah “Hope” back to Utopia in the San Francisco Bay, Rogue and Nightcrawler are intercepted by Bastion.
Both Rogue and Nightcrawler put up a fight but Nightcrawler is tired from teleporting them across the country and is weak. Rogue battles Bastion but even with the collective powers of Wolverine, Colossus, Angel and Psylocke, she is still defeated. Then in a last-ditch attempt at saving Hope, Nightcrawler tries to teleport her away but Bastion again intercepts the teleport and Nightcrawler reappears with Bastions arm through his chest.  Nightcrawler then says, “Lord, in this time of need, strengthen me. and teleports the last long distance and appears on Utopia’s shores.
Now I know death in comics is quite a fluid thing but for some reason this death seems more permanent. Now I felt the same way when Vargas killed Psylocke and she returned, but still this feels different. This whole storyline has upped the ante and the X-Men really seem like their backs are against the wall. With approximately only 198 mutant on earth, this crossover has already seen two deaths (although Ariel you were not even on my radar and unfortunately I cannot be expected to care if you got ‘blowed up’ with Wolverine and X-23. Sorry).
I remember being so heartbroken that Nightcrawler, one of my long time favourite X-Men had died.  To me he was the heart, soul, and moral backbone to the team. He was a spiritual man who added something to the X-men that was unique and singular, and with his death took all that away. And what a death it was. As deaths go in the marvel U, his one was a standout Heroic death that I felt meant something. I really thought this was the moment that Dead really meant dead.  I mean come on, See the panels below.



Probably the saddest Bamf in the world, but how heroic, and brave and odds-defying. Just rereading that panel, i remember the emotion. So, this falls under the con. I feel that despite Nightcrawler still having made this sacrifice and this last swashbuckling, totally-in-character act that ended with his loss of life, his return cheapens that emotion that filled me at that time. I hated the death. I was saddened by it. But, how fantastic and fitting a death it was.

To the Pro. It’s quick and easy. It’s counter to what I just argued, kind of, but here it is. I feel like, with even just the announcement of Nightcrawler’s return, a portion of  the heart, soul, and moral backbone of the X-Men has returned. I have this sense of happiness and optimism for the X-Men’s future. Is this me being melodramatic? Perhaps a bit, but consider this: The promo art, while including Firestar, was not brilliant. Was not enough to make me smile, but then when you figure in the art below by one of my favorite artists, is more than enough to make me cheer my fuzzy elf’s return and so I’ll leave you with that image. “Bamf,” just like that.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. herdthinner says:

    I always liked the elf best, too. I only read about the death and didn’t read the comic itself. When I thought of any x-men “fic,” it was about him and not Wolverine, I can say that!


    1. loz says:

      Wolverine’s the lesser man, Do not worry about it.


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