The Yukio…Oh and Wolverine Too


So I finally saw The Wolverine this morning (Saturday morning now). We had discussed it at great lengths on “Hey Let’s Talk About This” the Podcast I’ve been guest hosting on, and there was quite the divide on whether it was good or not. I hadn’t seen it at the time we broadcast so couldn’t add too much on the matter, but now I feel qualified.  The Wolverine is a great movie. Of course it was never going to win an Oscar, but it is probably my favourite Summer movie so far, but probably not for its main Subject. See below for my reasoning.  Potential spoilers below, obv’.

First off, let me just say a little about the popularity of Wolverine. The little= Wolverine is grossly overused. A little more= There are dozens of X-men more interesting than Wolverine. And here’s my theory on Wolverine. I’ve said it on this site before and I’ll say it again. Wolverine is only as interesting as the Sidekick or partner he’s paired with at any one time. In the comics, the number of characters who have teamed-up with Wolverine are many. Shadowcat, Rogue, Jubilee, Pixie and Armor have all been sidekicks at one time or another. He’s also been paired with Storm, Gambit, Psylocke and others.  And, as I said. He’s only interesting because of his interactions with these other characters. That’s not a popular view but, hey it’s all opinion right?  This is definitely true of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It wasn’t a great movie, but I enjoyed it, mostly. Here’s why. Sabretooth, Awesome. His interaction with Wolverine, awesome. Gambit, awesome. Silver Fox, Awesome. Even the other characters like Blob, and Deadpool and OK i admit, even John Wraith. Here’s the thing. I enjoyed Origins because of Wolverines interactions with all these characters. Which leads me to Yukio.


For me, Yukio made The Wolverine. Every moment she was on screen, it was a pleasure. It really was wonderful. Rila Fukushima did a bang-up job. I found myself either chuckling, gasping or giving off any number of exclamations of awe. From her striking looks, more-than-cool attitude, and her conveying of a number of emotions, she had me hooked. What was a nice added bonus, she’s also a mutant in the movie. Even better, she’s supposedly with Wolverine for the long run. She’s actually his bodyguard by the end of the movie and I found myself excited to see another Wolverine movie featuring the both of them as a double act. Fukushima was awesome in all her action scenes and she was just what I would expect from the comics Yukio and more with more of a punk attitude. As opposed to X-Men Origins, The Wolverine wasn’t jam-packed with characters all fighting for their one moment of fame. I found myself equally engaged, in Viper, Mariko, and Harada who all did a wonderful Job.  All of them made Wolverine look really good. Logan had some great moments but really, I could tell the difference between who I was really engaging with and most of the time it wasn’t Logan.

Did this make The Wolverine any less of a movie? Hell No, but I know exactly why I would watch it again and again (unlike Man of Steel) and not get bored.  Yukio, although your future in X-movies is probably limited, at least I’ll have my imagination where you go on to have lots of adventures making everyone else’s favorite X-Man look good.

Hoo Mah Moos today? Yukio.

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I’m due to watch it in a week’s time, so looking forward to it! I’ve never minded spoilers :p


    1. loz says:

      Nothing I wrote spoils the events of the movie. Everything I’ve mentioned, you learn pretty quickly. I did really enjoy it though.


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