Into the Psi Forest: Part 3



It seems I missed some really important people from the last two posts so I have been persuaded to do a final one. There will be cries of even more characters missing, but here is where I draw my line. See below for A couple more Greys, Sage, Hellion and Karma.

Picture 7

Cable is perhaps one of the more interesting psi-forest characters; he was born with tremendous telepathic and telekinetic powers (at the height of his power, he was able to levitate a city and battle the Silver Surfer at the same time).

The catch is, though, that he’s never really been able to live up to his potential. For most of his life, his abilities were redirected inwards to fight the TO virus, meaning he couldn’t ‘explore’ if you like. Then, well, I guess the best image of the consequence of his fight with the Surfer is that he kind of burned his forest down, and it’s gradually starting to regrow… That said, I have not read Cable’s new X-Force book. I’m not sure how his abilities compare to before his untimely (supposed) death in Second Coming.

Nate Grey
Nate Grey

Although Nate Grey is genetically identical to Cable, his experiences have placed him in a completely different forest-scape. He started out with tremendous power, as we saw in the Age of Apocalypse, and frankly scared the X-Men witless when he crashlanded back to our dimension. Nate is an interesting one, in that his lack of knowledge meant he just, well, did things. He didn’t know it was impossible to pull something out of the Astral Plane into the physical one, so he just went and did it.

It kind of makes you wonder how much potential psionics really have, if they just didn’t believe there was a limit to what they could do. More recently, in a similar way to Cable, Nate’s forest has been burned down when the Sugar Man used him to power a dimensional gate. However, just like several other Psi’s who have been subjected to trauma induced power setbacks, Nate has learned some cool things. For example the trick he does with his X-Marks-The-spot manifestations. and the revelation ,to me at least that  he had learned how to phase through solid objects by rearranging molecules with TK.


Karma is a classic for this forest analogy; she started out ‘just’ with the ability to possess people, and then she went and got possessed herself – by the Shadow King. This appears to have pushed her to parts of the forest she’d never previously explored, and her powers are building.

Curiously, though, these powers remain in an area of the forest that few others have visited, and seem to include disrupting other psionics to boot. What is not really focused on is her telepathy which according to Uncanny X-Men allows her to access the thoughts of those she possesses. To add to this, Karma is potentially a great candidate for the “Learning another Psi’s destination” camp. As we mentioned in the post featuring Jean Grey and Psylocke. They learned one anothers’ destinations. When Karma possesses an individual, there is a link created and there is a potential threat of Karma becoming subordinate to that individual, but, she also learns all about that individual through the temporary connection. If Karma were to possess another Psi, which is entirely possible due to her ability to disrupt other Psi’s, she could learn that Psi’s destination within the forest. Food for thought.


Hellion is probably one of the most stand out characters debuted alongside a dozen other lesser characters from the New Mutants (vol.2)/X-Academy days. I love his attitude and demeanor and most of the story-lines he was featured in. He’s a character who I think has had a bad rap recently. It all started when he lost his hands and again this strengthens my idea that there is not a very good mental support system for People in the X-Men’s sphere.

But, Hellion is one of those who has seemingly come to terms with his situation and is trying to move on. In X-Men Legacy he managed to subvert energy by tapping into the individual molecules letting them pass through him harmlessly. This is some amazing skill and use of TK. Apart from Nate Grey I don’t think there is anyone else in the X-Universe who has been able to do this. Also due to his memory manipulation from the Age of X story-line he was able to hone his abilities to the point where he is able to use his TK to control his cybernetic hands with a pinpoint precision. He might not inhabit an original area within the Psi forest but he’s definitely making it his own and becoming the master of it.


Lastly we have Sage. With a computer mind able to process complex series of thought and immense knowledge in a matter of seconds, Sage inhabits a very deep part of the  forest which seems to be linked to several others.  She has a low level TP ability which she suppressed at one point as a defense against Elias Bogan, and it is unclear if he is still a threat.

On top of this she has the ability to see and activate the X-gene in others.  We know she is a formidable opponent. However it is still unclear what her current status is after merging with the Crystal Palace. For this reason, I feel that Sage is not a current inhabitant within the forest. It seems like as Psylocke before her Trapping the Shadow King within her mind (in the Psi War arc), Sage is performing a different version of this for her own, and others, protection. She has cut off her TP to keep Bogan out of her destination within the Psi Forest. As such she is unable to access this ability.

This article includes the merged musings of both Tom and myself, so credit where it’s due. And, that’s it, really it. Feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments. Check out the other posts in this series Here for Part 1, Here for Part 2, and Here for an additional article from Tom on Jean Grey.

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