BotA Week: Jean Grey School of Tomorrow



First off, Happy Anniversary. 2 years ago today, I registered this blog on WordPress.

Wolverine and the X-Men #29 is probably one of my favorite issues of the book to date. It was such a poignant, and satisfying issue and I still find that reading it over and over again is delightful. It’s become one of the comic versions of comfort food. Theres so much optimism, foreshadowing, emotion, action, revelation,  and “feels” as Kieron Gillen would say. So what does The Jean Grey School of Tomorrow have to do with Battle of the Atom? Read below the break.

Let’s look at some highlights of the issue before we go into why it pertains to Battle of the Atom.

  • Glimpses into a really cool future: Yes there are so many cool little nuggets in this issue that the geek in me is just making happy gurgling sounds.
  • Future offspring? Here’s some names just for fun: Carmen Drake, Kubrick Quire, Charlene Xavier, Rose Logan, Summer Grey, C’VRRRK Bludskuul of the Brood, Warren Worthington IV. As syndrome might say, “The X-men got Biiiiizzeeeh.” I’d love to see more of these characters.
  • New threats. We hear of several new threats: Frankenstein INC, with their dirigibles made from human remains and science vampires, The Church of Cyttorak, and Hellfire Unlimited. These threats sound cool. Bitesize nuggets that make me hope we see more.
  • New places:  Subterranean Settlements, The Hidden Akkaba City, Wakandan Sky City 5, Space Station X, and Arizona Bay. Again more nuggets to titillate.
  • Updates on older characters: Hey a Thunderbird and a possibly new Pheonix exist in this future. Shark Woman heads an X-Force, There’s a Krakoa Corps, and Eyeboy has seemingly realized his full potential.Future Eye-boyLastly, and Tom touched on this briefly, Wolverine mentions future events that will supposedly rock the X-Men’s world.
  • The Hellfire Club and that Damned Siege. (already happened?)
  • Azazel and his pirates
  • The Black Order
  • That Butcheress Mondo
  • Sabretooths secret plans
  • The New Brotherhood
  • The Apocalypse Crusade

and ominously:

  • Jean

Tomorrow's Logan

There’s more being seeded in our atmosphere here than just Science Vampires.

So as we now know, this future we see in Issue 29 is the same one that our Battle of the Atom future X-Men will come from. But what’s the problem. Wolverine decided, finally that he wasn’t going to do any more meddling, and instead of warning the X-Men about all these future threats and events, he sent present-day Wolverine a key to open the impenetrable box. Wolverines section of this book ends with him saying the following:

Eye-boy was right. The past is the past. We can’t go back and relive it. We can’t ever make it perfect. We can only make certain …we never forget it.

Hell, Future Wolverine, you almost made me cry. Isn’t this the absolute bloody truth. I digress, let’s move on to a couple of other notable entities of this future, The X-Men High Command and The Time Variance Authority.

Who the hell make up the X-Men High Command, and the assumedly separate Time Variance Authority?  Is Katherine Pryde a member. The newer Xavier, Xorna, Future Beast?Who is in charge in the future, if Wolverine is just an elderly pain in the butt who flouts time travel rules and arms treaties (which is perfect for a future Wolverine). So We have to ask ourselves, how long the All-new X-men have been in the present. Hasn’t it only been a couple of weeks in comic time? And who gave these X-Men from tomorrow permission to come back? Something weally Scwewy must be going on. I guess we’ll find out next Wednesday? I’m looking forward to more of these future X-Men.

I can’t wait to see Ogre-Iceman, Deadpool, Molly Hayes and more craziness. I keep thinking that if this crossover is anything like the Wolverine and the X-Men #29, we’re all in for a fun ride. What do you think? Is there something you are looking forward to in particular?

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  1. Of all the threads they seeded, the one that interests me the most is the Church of Cyttorak. It sounds like it could be a tremendously cool enemy, and I really want it to be developed!

    One thing I wondered as I read that comic: what about Scott? What about Magneto? What about the future of all those mutants Cyclops has in his team, or of Colossus and Domino? I’m hoping BotA will start to give us some answers…


  2. loz says:

    I’m very intrigued by Mondo. There’s got to be more to her than just comic relief in the more recent Wolverine and the X-Men. I’m wondering if she has somehow accessed the Siege, making her a bigger threat and a more credible Butcheress in the future. Maybe this is where the bodies start to fall?


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