Who’s Important in the Bendis Books Going into BotA?


So Battle of the Atom is three days away after today. Excited? I am. Newsarama posted an article this week titled “Five things You Need to Know Before X-Men Battle of the Atom.” I found that while it was nothing new to me as a current and devoted reader of the four X-titles that will be included in the crossover, it did serve to make me want Wednesday to come faster. Fate would have it that tomorrow is Labor Day and I get Monday off so this shouldn’t be so bad. Anyway commencing below is today’s Countdown with 3 days to go.


Since All-New X-Men started, the lives and times of the Uncanny X-cast and All-New cast have been intertwined. Cyclops, Emma and Magneto and their new teen mutants were regular cast members for a few issues before Uncanny X-Men started back in February. So it is with this in mind that I give you a who’s important in the Bendis books going into Battle of the Atom.


Cyclops: Come on, he was always going to be a part of this. If there’s any kind of battle of the Atom, he was going to be a part of it. He’s so ingrained in the whole race and whether he knows it or not he’s kind of got a God complex that more recently has been trying to atone for . He was a God momentarily and it drove him crazy and caused him to murder Charles Xavier. That was tragic and unnecessary, and definitely not pre-meditated in my mind.

All that said, Uncanny X-Men has gone a long way to make him way more sympathetic. If you haven’t read the last issue of Uncanny, you are really missing out on a great character piece on Cyclops and his thought process within the heat of a deadly and possibly fatal battle with a Blockbuster Sentinel.

Yeah, Cyclops is going to be in the thick of things.

Picture 5

Professor K: This whole crossover is coming to pass because of Beast’s retrieval of the original X-Men into the present. As Kitty took the role as mentor over the all-new-X-Kiddies, she’s going to be a big part of their fate. It’s been said in previews and interviews that the whole reason for the crossover will be whether the All-New X-Kiddies get to stay in the present.

We know that Cyclops has vocally opposed the kids being in the present, despite allowing Angel on his team (love that by the way), but what about Kitty. Does she want them to stay in the present or does she want to send them home. Whatever she wants, she is the one who is responsible for them. From the new previews this last week she will be present for the inciting incident that throws everything in to turmoil.

I believe she has taken over an almost motherly role with them. She will do all she can to protect them and whatever happens she has high stakes.

Picture 3

The All New X-Men?:  Of course they are involved. But which ones specifically. From reviews we know that Scott and Jean are going on the run somehow in some way. We still don’t know, but we know there’s enough melodrama going on right now with them. Scott is continually bewildered by this new time where everything he does has been driving the girl of his dreams away. Jean has been dealing with her own emotions from seeing the guy she thought she loved turn into the man who killed her first mentor Charles. She also has to deal with this new telepathy and her heart-to-heart with Beast. Things are not turning out how they thought they would. From previews it looks like Beast and Magic will be on their own mission and getting heated.  Iceman seems to have allied himself with his present and future counterparts (speculation). And, lastly, as of now, nothing has been said or mentioned about Angel. Nothing has been mentioned of ANY of the Uncanny X-Kids so far.

Also, nothing has been mentioned of a Big-Bad. Is there someone pulling strings? Is this crossover purely an All-New X-Men VS Present X-Men VS Future X-Men?

Who are you excited to see more of in this crossover? Is there a character you are looking forward to?

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