Twas the Night Before Battle of the Atom



So welcome to our last day of Battle of the Atom Week before issue 1 comes out tomorrow.

Today we’re going to do three things:

1. summarize the last 7 days

2. give you our expectations for Battle of the Atom

3. briefly discuss possible Big-Bads and give you a poll asking who you think will be the big bad.

Click below the break for the goodies.


We talked about the M-Word and whether Remender knew what he was doing when he had Havok give such a polarizing speech. Click Atom 7 to read the article.


Looks like time travel is going to be a major element to Battle of the Atom, but how does time travel work? How has it worked in the past within the Marvel Universe? Click Atom 6 for the article.


We reviewed the Jean Grey School of Tomorrow from Wolverine and the X-Men #29. The future X-Men featured in Battle of the Atom will be from this very same future.  Check it out by clicking on Atom 5.


We discussed the powers that Be and not in an Angel way. SHIELD? What are their stakes in Battle of the Atom. Are they actually as in control as they think? Mystique seems to be running circles round them. Or is there a higher power controlling things. Click Atom 4 for more.


Who will Bendis be focusing on in Battle of the Atom? Have we left anyone out?  Will Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Scott, Jean, Hank and Magik be taking centre stage? What of Ice-man? What of Angel, who doesn’t even want to be around in the present? Click the 3 Atom to find more.


Who will Brian Wood and Jason Aaron be focusing on in Battle of the Atom? What’s up with Wolverine? Jubilee and baby Shogo?  What is Rachel’s path in this adventure? She ‘s already been butting heads with Storm. What about these original X-Kiddies? Click the 2 Atom for yesterday’s awesome post.

Click to page 2 for more on our thoughts on Battlle of the Atom and it’s possible Big-Bad.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. B. Patterson says:

    We just saw Dark Phoenix last summer in AvX (although, Scott was the host), so I’m really hoping she doesn’t show up again. Plus, I don’t see why she would be using sentinels to do her dirty work.

    There a preview of Jean/Rachel bonding in Chapter 2. I’m also hoping this gets explored more.

    And I’m REALLY hoping that all of this doesn’t lead to a big re-write. But Marvel is notorious for such.


    1. loz says:

      Yeah, I have no interest in seeing a dark pheonix this soon after AVX. It would totally negate Hope and Scarlet Witches spell, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have come back to a future X-Man.
      So did you read parts 1 and 2 yet?
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Please continue to do so. We’ll continue to bring you content that you find interesting.


      1. B. Patterson says:

        Yep I picked up parts 1 and 2 last night. I like it (but not love it) so far. I think if Jean Grey being revealed was supposed to shock me, it feel drastically short of doing so.

        I’m very curious to who is behind the Sentinels. And I’m really hoping it’s not Trask, Master Mold, Nimrod, or Bastion. I want new material and I want to be surprised, rather than a re-hasing of old villains doing the same thing as before.

        And yeah, I’ll definitely continue to comment. I’ve browsed through a few of your posts before and you and your team have a lot of good insight.


      2. loz says:

        We’re posting a bit later today so I’m sure there will be more discussion. Thanks for the compliment. It definitely makes me feel like what we’re doing here is worth it.


      3. B. Patterson says:

        I don’t get a lot of feedback on my posts either, so I know the feeling.

        But, the key is to keep posting. People won’t know about you if you stop. Also, look for readers on sites that cater to your target audience. I’m more into fiction than comics, so that’s where most of my readers come from. But threads and Comicvine threads may be a few good places to show off your expertise and bring in some readers. Best of luck.


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