Where’s your Head At Emma Frost?

I Know, this image again, but I love it.

So it’s no secret that Emma Frost, The White Queen, is one of my favourite characters. Ever since she escaped the X-Mansion with Banshee, Jubilee and Sabretooth back in the Phalanx Covenant, I’ve adored her. I loved what they did with her in Generation X (more on that in a later post), then what was done with her by Morrison and then Whedon and I’ve followed her through everything that has happened since. You might want to check out the post i wrote about her handling during the conclusion of AvX and you can do that by clicking this link. But what is going on with Emma currently? Click below the break for more.


Things got bad toward the end of AVX none more so than for Emma. In All New X-Men we got this exchange between Scott and Emma. This was their first meeting after The Pheonix Force departed. I remember when this first came out, there was a lot of criticism of Bendis’ handling of Emma and not knowing her voice. One argument was that Emma’s Dialogue was wrong and that she wouldn’t speak like she does in the panel above.

I believe at this point, she has gone through a serious trauma and this has unsettled her more than anything else in her life. Her usual facade of Class, elitism and the affected accent are gone in this moment of rage being confronted by the man who for all intents and purposes abused her in a very public manner. To her credit, she calls him out on it instantly. If it wasn’t a word from Magneto in saying there are ways to fix the problem they have with their broken powers I don’t think Emma would have gone with them. That and the oncoming police, but I like to think Emma trusts Magneto in the fact that he got his powers back by his own means in the past,  and possibly she can too.

In and out of her head.
In and out of her head.

Anyone who has read the current volume of Uncanny X-Men know that this book is more about implicit redemption and less about the explicit revolution. The book has been a great study of Cyclops, Magneto, Magik and Emma along with some of the new students. In the above image We get a stunning look into Emma’s mindset. She admits her fault in betraying Scott and even in the panel below admits some very personal information.


This is Emma’s redemption. Helping a cause she believes in and because she is good at it. I can easily get behind her acknowledgement about hating who she used to be and trying to be a better person. I believe in redemption and almost anyone can be redeemed if they want it bad enough and will work for it.

She also acknowledges her skill as a teacher even if her powers are broken, and she is showing growth as a person.  Then in a later issue Emma says something that made me love her even more as a character. It’s in the panels below.


She says:

 I know I’m not your mother, but damn it if I don’t want you to have things better than the way I have had them.

I’ve heard it said in the past that a good parent wants to provide their child with everything they didn’t have as a child and more. In just a few issues, Emma has shown her true colors. At heart she is a teacher who wants what is best for her people, her students, and those closest to her.

This isn’t to say that Emma is a saint, or will ever be a saint. She always continue to be her bitchy self, but this is what makes characters 3-dimensional and real, and conflicted. Just in the last issue of BotA we saw how much her hatred of Jean Grey made her do something ill-advised. However, still a rounded 3-dimensional person. With this in mind, do we really know what Emma is thinking? Could she be planning her revenge on Cyclops. She’s vocalized it at least once.

As of now, I think Emma is in a good place. I love the direction Bendis has taken her in. So, what’s next? BotA doesn’t really seem to be a story that features Emma as a main player. What’s more concerning is that we have learned from Xorna that Emma won’t like what becomes of Cyclops in the future and that White Queens don’t age gracefully. Add that to the fact no one has heard of the Uncanny X-Kids in the future, according to some untrustworthy sources.  What’s to become of Auntie Emma? Will she find redemption? Will she get revenge on Cyclops? Will she grow more and in what direction?

What we do have is this cover for an issue of Uncanny that comes after BotA. I like it. It seems to portray Emma in a satisfactory way. And it’s that image I’ll leave you with.


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  1. A very interesting article, Loz, really got me thinking 🙂


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